What you can expect:
The brutal truth of me, without all the sugary coating.
Here I am just me, UNCUT and UNEDITED.
I talk about my family, my divorce, and a lot about MAKEUP.
If you leave me a comment, I will love you forever. :)

Who Am I?

My name is Aubrey. I'm known to good friends as Aubrey Anne, my family calls me Aubs, and my three kids call me Mom.

I'm a recently-divorced mom of three boys. I have dreams too big for my own good, I'm three times the personality I should be, frequently considered too dramatic, and at times I wonder if I've lost my mind completely.

I love my passionate spirit, but it tends to get in my way, so I spend a lot of time trying to work through everything
through writing. My divorce is laced in all my writing, but it's not who I am, just what I'm going through.

"Too Much Aubrey" is where I spill all my thoughts and insecurities, ranting and raving, and occasional bragging. (After all, I do have gorgeous children.)

A big part of my story involves battling depression, learning to live with anxiety, and figuring out how to cope with Adult A.D.D. I talk a lot about Postpartum Depression (PPD), mental illness, and the way we all can triumph over the stigma and symptoms of these issues. We no longer live in the age of secret endurance. We can speak up and live, laugh, and cry together.

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  Aubrey Anne


  1. Love the fact you wear your heart on your sleeve in your writing and rambling. Respect! Blog is great inspiration for my own, thanks for follow on Twitter

    1. Tried to reply to you but ended up making my own comment :)

  2. Thank you Helen! It's nice to get some activity here. Makes me want to do more! :) love and spoons xoxo


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