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Friday, July 31, 2015

Stop Staring at Your Phone and Save Your D*** Life

I have several posts waiting to be typed up and published (I'm weird, I write on paper with a pen first). This one gets to jump to the head of the line, because I'm in the mood to rant right now.

A little story for your Friday afternoon: 

Daycare Baby was having a rough morning. After a sleepover at Grandma's last night, he didn't sleep well, so he was extra tired and cranky. When he gets this way, usually the only way I can get him to sleep is by driving him around in the car for a few minutes. He was almost asleep, when I came to a red light. There I am, stopped (turning right, waiting for my turn to go), and the car in front of me starts to go. I'm anxious to not let the baby wake up due to the car stopping, so I start to go as well. The car in front of me immediately slammed on its breaks. I slammed on my breaks in time, but nearly rear-ended that car. I waited a second to figure out what happened, and sure enough, there's a lady well into her 40's (as in, old enough to know better) crossing the street at this busy intersection while STARING AT HER PHONE. She didn't even look up to notice she was almost squashed by a MOVING VEHICLE today. She'll go on about her life never knowing she almost died today, and that makes me unreasonably angry.

Yeah, she lived. We were only rolling from a stop, and everyone was fine. The baby didn't even wake up. I can't help it, though, this makes me angry. I've seen parents cross the street with their babies, not even looking. The ones who are driving the cars aren't the only ones who need to stop staring at their phones and use their brains!

The fact that THIS "texting lane" exists makes me want to facepalm all over the place.

(Now, before we get to the sad part of this post, watch this video: Texting and Walking Fails)

On to Part 2:  

I'm going to tell you something that is a source of serious shame for me. I swore never to tell anyone, because it was far too embarrassing, but this blog is about telling the truth for the good of the whole, right? This time, I'm going to embarrass myself and put it out there.

Two days ago my 5-year-old Max woke up earlier than usual. He started telling me about the nightmare he had. It was clearly the scariest dream he's ever had, and the details were such that anyone would be afraid. There was a large monster-dinosaur-ape-type-thing (no, he says it wasn't Godzilla, I already asked) and it had incredibly long arms to catch you no matter how far you ran. His dad couldn't even defeat it! I asked Max, "Well where was Mom?"

(The answer broke my heart, so no need to point out that it's my own fault. I already know.)

"Just staring at your phone, of course." He said this like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

MY SON DOESN'T KNOW I WOULD DEFEAT A GIANT MONSTER-DINOSAUR-APE-THING FOR HIM! You just assume they KNOW these things! Obviously I would cut that monster-dinosaur-ape-thing's mile-long arms off and whisk him off to safety! But he doesn't know. Because my phone (for many reasons, not just social media) takes center stage. Let's just say this is the number one area I'll be working to improve in my life RIGHT AWAY and leave it at that.

I'll just leave these articles on cell phone use here, in case you feel like reading them:

More Than a Quarter of Crashes In US Due Texting or Talking While Driving Study
Cell Phone Use Among Parents Impact Child Mental Health
Texting While Walking: Are You Cautious or Clueless?

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