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Friday, February 6, 2015

Witch Doctor

Ever wonder why I disappear and then re-appear months later with something negative to say? Sometimes I just don't have anywhere else to let out my word vomit. (I'll try to stop saying word vomit now.) Boyfriend is a good listener, but I prefer not to ... um ... vomit on him. (Last time, promise.)

My newest passion lies in essential oils. I've chosen DoTERRA as my preferred brand. (No, this post is not sponsored.) The choice to use this specific brand is mostly because I haven't done my own intense research on the different brands/sources/potency, but I know and trust someone who has, so I'm taking her word that DoTERRA can be trusted.

I'll be the first to say that I am NOT open-minded about alternative medicine/holistic stuff. I have been light-heartedly making fun of hippie-naturalists my whole life. I grew up with a Registered Nurse for a mother (who never made fun of anyone, btw), I started Ritalin at age 8 for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder, and have had a long-standing "There's a pill for that!" motto.

When my sisters started getting interested in essential oils, vortex, energy, voice mapping, and other things I'd never heard of, I was BEYOND skeptical. I've been their biggest critic for quite some time, laughing at their "I've got an oil for that!" responses to everything. I was NOT an easy sell. 

I feel like this makes me a little more credible than some. I'm an "I'll believe it when I experience it" kind of girl. The one and only thing I've never been able to argue with is personal experience. Not your personal experience, not that guy over there's; mine. 

When I say essential oils have changed my life, my sanity, my health, I'm not just talking to hear myself talk. I'm not looking for your money. I'm not even looking to convince you! I am, however, considerate enough to share this with the people I care about because if it can help me this much, who knows how much it can help others around me? EVERY PERSON I KNOW is struggling in some way, is in search of something.

Will essential oils solve all your problems? Should you quit your anti-psychotics and replace it with Frankincense? HA! Of course not! Even I will laugh at you if you try to spout that kind of claim. Will there be one or two oils that significantly improve some aspect of your struggle if you give them a chance? As God as my witness, I'm confident that the answer is YES.

There seems to be some confusion on what it's all about, and some disrespectful things were said on social media this morning that hurt my feelings (ego?).

NUMBER 1: I am not, have never been, a medical professional. I don't claim to have knowledge or experience in the practice of medicine. Never once have I told someone an oil would "cure" them of anything. I have heard extremely encouraging stories about the power of natural oils (which are literally the plants' immune system), and I'm intensely intrigued.

I am, however, passionate about the results I've seen. I AM convinced that we can supplement our modern medicine with other things. I DO believe in the mind's power over body. At the same time, I'm an advocate for mental health! I don't believe we can "will away" our body's shortcomings.

NUMBER 2: Everyone you've ever met who suggested an oil to you is NOT THE SAME. We aren't part of some scripted system, we don't have a grand, despicable agenda. I am truly horrified by some of the stories I've heard about some oil reps. I don't want to be that girl who's like "I'm not like the others", but I think you'll find that I'm not. And most of the people I've met in these circles are just truly looking for ways to help people.

NUMBER 3: "Superstition." I'm insulted by this insinuation. I'm an intelligent woman, with a decent education and more of an ability to think logically about things than many people I've known. Essential oils are based in science, and if you'd like to know what that science IS, I'd be happy to get you in touch with a Chemistry of Oils class, so you can learn more about it. Just like the anti-depressants a good majority of us are taking, scientists have spent many, many years studying the brain and body connection, and what chemicals and natural agents we need in order to bridge the gaps.

In addition to the science, I believe in faith. I believe in miracles. I believe in Priesthood blessings! This is no more superstitious than any of that, in fact, I believe it is less so. 

NUMBER 4: You tried them and didn't experience a significant change? That makes me a little sad, because I know what you're missing. Perhaps you need more exposure in order to try more options. Perhaps you were expecting the oil to act like a prescription drug, and when it didn't target and attack one specific thing as solidly as you expected, you threw it out with the trash. You know someone who used an oil and their already-diagnosed MEDICAL PROBLEM didn't improve, or God forbid, got worse? That's not shocking. If you take Tylenol and also do yoga, do you know for sure which cured your headache? Probably not. The most likely scenario is that they both helped in some way. To this I say WHO CARES? Seriously, do you care which did the trick? I don't. I got the end result I needed, and I'm better for it, so I'm not afraid to recommend BOTH Tylenol AND yoga to a friend. (But I don't do yoga, so I'll have to get back to you on that particular one.)

My main point here is this: You don't have to agree with me. You don't have to be convinced. You don't even have to listen to me. I am NOT looking for your money! But some respect might be nice, though, in the mean time. I wouldn't share what I care about with you if I didn't love you and want your life to be just a little more bearable. The same concept applies to everything else... education issues (common core), politics, vaccines, all the hot topic items. We don't shout these things from the rooftops to be obnoxious, or to con each other into anything.

I, for one, just want to share what I love and what I know, because a true friend wouldn't leave me in ignorance if they knew something I could benefit from knowing. 

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  1. I am slowly learning about Oils also after being a hold out.


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