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Thursday, June 26, 2014

There I go, opening my big fat mouth again.

I try so hard to keep it shut. Some days I have to imagine that I've sewn my lips together with wire and there's simply no way to open them to speak. 

Unfortunately my fingers can't be stopped. When I see things like this, I just can't keep my digits under control. 

My first instinct is to scroll past. Just another jerk trying to make people feel bad. Then I inevitably scroll back up, thinking, maybe they just hadn't thought of it the way I have... maybe if I just explain the other side... 


I know better. I KNOW that discussing issues like this is stupid. No one wants to discuss the different sides of an issue. We are all so convinced we are right that we can't possibly hear each other long enough to make a difference. So why do I do this to myself? Making enemies everywhere I go, voicing my opinions all the time... I don't know, but it appears to be in my genes. 

This kind of crap makes me so furious, I simply can't find the words to express it.

I'm just going to keep my comments about the use of "you're" to myself.
I will simply say that most people who create these seem to have trouble with their grammar.

There are no words for this kind of ignorance. But I will try.

This morning I tried to express my opinion on the subject. I said this (in response to the Kermit picture above): 

It's not, actually. The sudden loss of a job, or sudden medical debt due to cancer (or a million other factors you can't see on a person's physical appearance) after the purchase of that bag would warrant a need for some extra help. What should we do? When we find ourselves in need, we should throw away everything we ever bought or were given before we lost our footing? It's no one's business but the department of workforce services and that poor woman who has lost her dignity.

Then I added hastily: 

Btw, I am in no way interested in an argument. I just believe, as I do with many, many other issues we all argue about, that we can't hope to understand a stranger's struggles. Even if it appears obvious to us onlookers.

This of course only invited the comment from my friend (whom I still adore, btw), which I wholeheartedly expected, that she knows people who live on the system and have admitted that it's "just easier". 

This is obvious to me. In everything there will be people who take advantage. Does this mean we should humiliate those who legitimately need the help? Not even a little bit. 

There are people who trade food stamps for drug money. In fact, there are so many of those people, the food stamps application straight-up asks, plain as day, 'Do you trade food stamps for drugs?' I'm aware these people exist, as they exist in EVERY INSTITUTION where charity exists. 

Do I think there is zero reason to be concerned about the number of people on government assistance? Of course not! I'm not an idiot. I know where the path ends when everyone depends on the government. My point has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ECONOMIC REPERCUSSIONS. 

But neither do these memes. Do they make a point about our eventual economic demise? Nope. The only purpose of these pictures is to humiliate and demean those who have chosen to feed their families through a service provided by our government to ensure we don't go hungry. 

If you can't even imagine a situation where you might end up needing help from strangers, perhaps your turn is coming.

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