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Monday, May 19, 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes - my new(est) favorite thing!

I posted my first impressions about this mascara on facebook after my first application. My sister came along and said, "You should probably let people know you aren't being paid to promote this brand." It hadn't occurred to me that it sounded like an advertisement; I was just raving about it because I loved it!

Here are the original pictures from my first use: 

This was one application, without my usual mascara under the Younique mascara.

These pictures were taken with my phone, so the quality wasn't very good, and I wanted to try them a couple more times before I went telling y'all to buy it. I love you too much to recommend a product that only worked out on a fluke! 

After 1 coat Palladio 4D Boost mascara
2 coats Palladio 4D Boost mascara - my regular mascara
I have heard a million mixed reviews on the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara. I've heard people say they LOVE them because they look like false lashes without having to apply false lashes. I've also heard people say they are messy, clumpy, and an overall disappointment. Here's my advice:

Bear in mind that mascara is like a new haircut - you are going to feel differently about it than someone else would! The product you use every day on your delicate lashes is an incredibly personal choice. Not everyone's lashes are the same (just like the hair on your head), and not everyone will want the same effect. I, personally, love a dramatic effect. I like my eyes to pop; I like the dramatic eye shadows, etc. If you are in the market for natural-looking eyelashes, this probably isn't the product for you. Having said that, however, my favorite part about this mascara is how many different ways you can wear it. It can be barely noticeable or give the effect of falsies, depending on how you apply it. I don't really see why you would be buying this if you were looking for a dramatic effect.

Step 1: Apply one coat Transplanting Gel
This gives the fibers something to hold onto,
so obviously you can't skip this step.
It feels/looks like regular mascara.

Step 2: Apply one coat Fiber Lashes. These are literal fibers,
like tiny feathers or bits of fabric. That's why they don't look smooth.

This picture shows the feather-like fibers a little better.
I imagine this part is why some users are calling it "messy".
As you can see in the next picture,
the extra fibers can simply be brushed off your face.

That one part of my left eye got a little clumpy,
but an eyelash comb took care of that.

Um, yeah. These are awesome.  

The lashes are literally longer because the fibers
 attach themselves to the end of your eyelashes and stick there.

Step 3: Add another coat of Transplanting Gel
on top of the loose fibers
, to seal them on.
(If you aren't doing this step, you are probably hating this stuff!
I can see how it would get in your eyes if you didn't seal it properly.)

They look like my false lashes do, but no glue and no stiff feeling!
From now on I will be using them without the layer of my own mascara under the fiber lashes. I think the extra layer of my usual mascara made them more clumpy than I would like. The first day, when I used only the 3D fiber lash mascara, I did not have a clumping/spider-lash problem at all.
So there you have it! Now the important part: Where can you buy it? It IS a little pricey, but I promise you it's worth the price, and it lasts a really long time! Especially if you save it for special occasions. :) 

Morgan Hardman Younique Products

Morgan's family
This is Morgan's adorable little girl. 
Stole this from her Instagram to show you guys:

"Moms with dancers, pageant girls, or just a girl who loves to play dress up, these are perfect!
Super easy to apply, gives great length for any dance recital, pageant day, or pictures!"

I'm not going to lie and say your only option to get this mascara is through this link. But I AM going to say I would greatly appreciate if you were to buy through my link, so we can support my long-time friend Morgan, who brought this product to me and let me share it with all of you! 

Let me know what you think, in the comments. I'd love to hear about your experience. 

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