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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Most lip balm sucks. Here's how to DIY make your own customized lip balm.

I have bought more tubes of lip balm than cups of coffee in my lifetime. I have never found one I could say fit my needs perfectly.

I have mentioned this before (specifically here), but in case you missed it, I have a painful habit of picking the skin off my lips when they get dry or if I get stressed. It's especially bad when I read a good book or watch an intense movie. I come away looking like someone fought a particularly gory war on my lips. 

Because of this, I can't use lip balm that will dry out my lips - this just creates a problem for me to "fix" by picking all the skin off. After a bout of this, I end up needing Neosporin on my lips to help them heal, like a wound. (As you can imagine, it doesn't taste great.) Lipstick is then an absolute MUST to even out the color.

In the summer we don't just need sunscreen on our shoulders, we need sunscreen in our lip balm, right? Ok, a lot of us do. But we also need to keep our skin hydrated, which is why we go for chapstick that boasts "nourishing," "replenishing," or "moisturizing". I am tired of spending $4 per tube, just to end up A) losing it, B) washing it in the washing machine, or C) finding out it makes my lips worse. Have you ever noticed they don't list the ingredients on these tubes?

 I saw a pin on Pinterest about making your own lip balm, and I decided this is the only way to go. 

The problem with MOST lip balm/chapstick is the use of petroleum (the main ingredient in vaseline). It's actually not helpful, even though it feels much better at first application. I finally decided the only way to avoid this ingredient is to make my own, so here's how I did it. (The pin I linked to above is even better than what I did, but the ingredients are a little harder to come by. On my next go around I'll be buying these other ingredients to make it even better.)  The following recipe is made of only things I found in my own medicine cabinet. 

Twist the tube until it's out as far as it can go and break it off.
Mix with other ingredients of your choice.

(all of these can be found at the dollar store, 
except Burts Bees, which I got at Target for $2.99) 

  1. Burts Bees lip balm (which I deem worthy of my skin) 
  2. Sunblock (100 spf because I'm white like that)
  3. Aloe Vera (to soothe when I injure them)
  4. Triple Antibiotic Ointment (I used the kind without pain relief)
  5. Hand cream (make sure there is no petroleum in it! Read the ingredient list.)
  6. Carmex containers (I just scraped out the Carmex into the garbage so I could use the pots)
Heat, stir, pour in pots.

Put all the ingredients in a tiny cup and stir. Put the cup in the microwave for 15 seconds (NO LONGER than 15). Stir again and immediately pour into the Carmex pots. Put your new lip balm in the fridge to solidify, and you're done! 

I'm extremely happy with this. I now have lip balm that contains all the ingredients I personally need to heal and keep my lips healthy, without the chemicals that exacerbate the problem. And the whole thing cost no more than $1 per unit.

Just FYI: I have seen some recipes on Pinterest suggesting that you add Kool-Aid mix for flavor/color. Based on this suggestion I tried using Crystal Light in my first batch. It stung so badly I had to just throw out the whole batch. The sugar (I guess?) hurts my raw skin. I don't recommend it! You can, however, add some eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick to your mixture to add the color.

Tip: For even better results, use eyes lips face Lip Exfoliator ($3) before applying your new lip balm. Or, better yet, make your own sugar scrub, if you're feeling crafty. :) Don't want to re-use containers? You can buy brand new empty ones, even chapstick tubes, on etsy. 

If you don't want to attempt this on your own (and you're here in Utah), just come to my Girls' Day party and we'll make a batch to take home! I will also have the Lip Exfoliator for you to try. 

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