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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why I'm not afraid to make the Hitler comparison

My older brother Justin said to me, "It's such a curse being able to see what's going to happen before it happens, but no one will listen to you. It's worse than not being able to see the future at all."

Don't worry, I'm not trying to convince you my brother is a psychic or anything. But lately I feel this way. I have probably lost half my friends due to my recent crusade against Common Core. The few people who thought I was pretty great, probably now think I'm nuts.

It's a bold statement I make, that letting the government take over our public schools will lead us down the same path as Hitler's unsuspecting people. I know it makes the average person roll their eyes and file me in the "crazy" folder. But I rolled my eyes at so many things that I thought were radical conspiracy theories! Now I wonder if perhaps the people who are blowing the whistles aren't just looking for something to be upset about. Hear me out... 

Just imagine for a second that those people who appear to be fear mongering are simply taking the "better safe than sorry" route. Now imagine, as people who love you, they want you to be safe and prepared for the worst as well. I know that if a tornado came through my neighborhood and took out the house next door, sure, I would be thanking the Lord that my house was spared... but I would feel absolutely horrible about the neighbor's plight! I don't want to see others suffer, especially not when there's something that could have been done to prevent the situation.

There isn't always a way to prevent something bad from happening. Obviously I could prepare for my entire life and still not be able to avoid a tornado taking out my neighbor's house. Some bad things are just going to happen. There are, however, some things we can see coming from a distance. We can't use our crystal ball to see the future, but we CAN take HISTORY and use it to keep our FUTURE safe.

Over and over in my research on Common Core, I have found testimonials from people who are new to America, who have traveled across the world in search of a place which hasn't yet given their power over to the government. Do you know what each of these people say about the path our school system is taking? That their country did the exact same thing we are doing now, and it led to utter disaster. (Go here to see an example of this which I previously cited.)

I'm not one to take everyone's word for something. I'm quite the opposite, actually. I tend to rebel against what people say, just because they said it. But these testimonies are something I cannot ignore. I simply cannot, within my own conscience, see a reason for these people to lie about something so close to their hearts.

It takes only a matter of minutes on the Internet to discover the kinds of stories I'm referring to. They are everywhere, and not just on the anti-CC websites. The kind of homework assignments we are seeing come home with our children, and worse - the ones that don't come home - have alarm bells sounding all over the country. Those people who have experienced this kind of indoctrination before are shaking their heads at us, saying, "I have seen this all before. Why won't you see it for what it has the potential to be?"

All the while, we sit and say to ourselves, "but we wouldn't make the mistakes those other countries made. We are the United States of America! We are much too strong and smart to find ourselves blindsided as those other people did."

The absolute greatest civilizations in the world have come to a violent end. We are not immune to the mistakes of the past. We are not smarter than the ones who came before us. The principles Common Core is based on HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE. They were used on Hitler's Youth. It hasn't even been a hundred years since then, and yet we have forgotten. A nation isn't swayed overnight. A nation is swayed through the subtle indoctrination of the children, and once they have that, they have everything.  

Indoctrination Through Common Core - Video and Article Links

Computer adaptive tests can be used to modify students behavior and punish them and their teachers if they don't comply: from 0:50 to 2:30. Tests can also ask any question, whether that question is relevant to the subject or not . . . examples: vandalism and honesty questions.

Arne Duncan: Schools should be open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Hitler Youth documentary:


  1. I really appreciate your openness about this issue. I only know a little bit about what's been going on in our school system, as I don't have school aged children; however, I have been concerned about what I do know of it for the past few years. As I'm learning more about common core (which I'm sure you know is in Arizona too) I've honestly been shocked. I fully agree with everything you say in this post. If we can't learn from the past we have nothing. And there are some huge red flags going up here.

    I've been a bit overwhelmed on what to do from here, how to learn more, how to get involved. I so appreciate your candidness on the matter and the resources that you've shared. I don't even have the words to say how behind you I am on this.

    1. Amanda, thank you for your thoughts. I am happy to hear some people have come to the conclusions I have and maybe don't just think I'm crazy :)


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