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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ulta had a sale! New products to review.

Ulta is a cosmetics store. They carry high-end, luxury makeup, but they also carry your regular drug store brands. In addition to this, they have their own Ulta brand makeup. I have taken about $10/paycheck to check out some of their products so I would have a decent review for you guys.

This week I went in with the intention of only buying Bare Minerals foundation, because I was running out. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I stumbled upon a sale on their Ulta brand makeup.

Lipstick (normally $8-10 each) was 2 for $8, so I picked up two shades I love. Their lipstick is one of my faves.

Nail polish (normally $6 each) was 2 for $4, and I adore their nail polish so I picked up 2. It's my favorite because it goes on with lots of color, dries quickly, and stays on without chipping.

Eyeshadow was 2 for $8, so I picked up Sage and Gold. I am extremely impressed with the eyeshadow! It's in a little pot, almost cream texture but not quite. It's still a powder, but goes on like a cream. The color lasted all day. 10 hours later I still looked good when I got in bed! Definitely a fan, and can't beat the price!

This time I opted for the matte finish Bare Minerals foundation, which I love, but I accidentally picked up the wrong color. Took it back two days later, they swapped it for the right one even though I had already opened it.

Have you discovered any new products lately? Tried anything you have seen here?

My haul
with the new Ulta eyeshadows

These are the products I used to create this look.


  1. totally don't have to do this but I just wanted to show my appreciation of you :) xoxo


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