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Monday, April 7, 2014

Contouring for your face shape - why you shouldn't be scared to color block your face


Ok, I know. They look like aliens. Is it really this dramatic? Do you REALLY do it this dark and this light, and in straight lines like that? Well, yeah. Pretty much. I took some pictures while I did my makeup this morning to show you mine. 

It's not as scary as it looks, I promise! The key is to do the contouring UNDER the foundation.

It's not quite so dramatic as those pictures up there
because I use powder products, not cream.

The colors are pretty drastic, though...
...until I go over my whole face with foundation...which evens it all out and blends it in.
Now, instead of looking like an alien...
I just look like I have cheekbones!

This, however, makes my eyes look totally washed out.

Add some eye makeup,
eyebrows, lipstick...
...and I look human again!

Still think it's too hard? Try it on a day you have no where to go. Experimentation is the only way we learn new things. 
You can do it! :) And I'm always here if you have questions.


  1. So I have a round but kinda pear not sure how I could Make this look would love to play around with it ...u can go to my fb and see what u think I could try my double chin and tiny eyes make it hard just let me know what u think hun;)

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