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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Lipstick Trick: Lipstick That STAYS

Maybe everyone already knows this lipstick "secret". I only heard of it recently, and it is AWESOME. I had to share.

First of all, prep your lips! Your lips are skin too; don't neglect them! Try an exfoliator like this one, or a lip scrub, or I've also heard of brushing your lips with a dry toothbrush. Then apply a lip moisturizer.

*Note about lip balm: Not all chap stick is created equal. Everyone has their favorite, but if your favorite lip balm requires you to reapply 13 times per day, you might be using a product that is actually drying out your lips instead of conditioning them. Example: I used to adore SoftLips, until I realized I was going through a tube every 3 days. It turns out it was actually drying out my lips and only felt good for an hour or so. My favorite lip balm: vaseline. I buy it in tubes at the dollar store and keep it in my purse and next to my bed. (I can even put it on after my lipstick and it serves as a gloss as well.)

Prime your lips. I use my foundation as a lip primer. You could use concealer or loose powder as well.
*Note about lip primers: I really don't think it's necessary to buy a separate lip primer, eyeshadow primer, and face primer. They are all basically the same thing; you can use them everywhere you are applying makeup.

Line your lips. I don't always do this, but when I do I'm always glad I did. Just don't use a liner that's darker than your lipstick shade. If your lips are on the thin side, use a nude liner slightly outside the natural lip line, making them look fuller.

Lipstick is so, so personal and objective. I cannot tell you what's best. I have a few I love, which you can find here. Whatever shade you're using, if you love it, my recommendation is that you buy at least 3 tubes. Cosmetic companies are MEAN and they change their colors with the season. If you're attached to yours, go snatch it up NOW because in a few months it won't exist anymore! If you don't have a color you love, most stores have a secret return policy: they will take back your makeup if you don't like it! Save your receipt and return it if you hate it. I'm serious, people do this. They won't think you're being ridiculous. 

Tip: Apply your lipstick with a lip brush! Even if you bought a tube, use a brush to apply it. I don't know why, but if you paint it on, it stays longer. 

Are you ready for the secret step? 
Dust your lips with loose powder. I know, it seems like it will dull the color, but it doesn't, and it will make your lipstick stay for hours. I know you think I'm crazy. Just give it a shot. Use a blush or powder brush to apply the loose powder over your lipstick.

If you want to add gloss, it won't ruin what you've already done, just be careful to dab it on so you don't disturb the powder finish. 

Hours later, my lips still look awesome. Might need to re-apply a little along the way, but not nearly as often as I usually do.

Hope this helps you! Do you have any tips to share?? Please leave a comment! 

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  1. OK, now I have to know . . . where do I get some of this powder to dust on my lips so they will stick for hours? :)


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