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Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Paddy's Day makeup!

I'm so sorry about the rushed blog post and bad pictures. I went on a mini two-night vacation this weekend and didn't quite get to perfecting this!

Light green base with a touch of peach on the upper half of lid.

Bright green corners

Darkest green on the very outer corners.

Line with brown eyeshadow underneath

Blend top with bottom

Add green liquid eyeliner

My green wasn't quite the right shade,
so I covered it with eyeshadow that was closer to a St. Paddy's color.

This is what your dark corners should look like.

Highlight under your eyebrows with cream eyeshadow

Line with black

I would probably line a little underneath too, now that I'm looking at it.

Mascara and eyebrows filled in

Unfortunately I forgot to take an after picture! But you get the idea :) Here's a couple pics from last year.

Finish off with some green, white and gold nail polish and no one will be pinching you tomorrow!

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  1. I saw these on facebook and I loved it. You are so gorgeous!! I wish that I knew how to apply make-up. I can't trust myself :)


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