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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peek into my makeup bag

I'm kind of weird about when/where I do my makeup. Brace yourself, I'm letting a little bit of my crazy out.

My sister took this picture of me.
Thought you might like a visual.
I refuse to be uncomfortable while I do my makeup. I can't do it standing up in front of a mirror; I have to be sitting cross-legged somewhere comfortable. I often have my laptop with Netflix on while I get ready. 

The cosmetic process for me is meditative. It's not to be rushed; it is to be enjoyed. If I have somewhere to be in the morning, I will wake up 2 hours before I have to be there so I won't have to rush this process. 

It's art, not obligation. 

One of the other reasons I don't do my makeup at a sink is because my eyesight is really bad. If I am doing my makeup without my contacts in, there's simply no way for me to see my face without a mirror right up in my face. Being blind basically guarantees I can't do it the conventional way. 

Because I don't do my makeup in one place every day, my makeup setup needs to be portable. I usually end up doing it in the living room because here at my mom's house that's the room with the most natural light. Anyway, I thought you guys might like to see how I keep my stuff organized. (I apologize for the terrible pictures. I was short on time.)


Skin Care - every day use, before makeup
Brushes. This is my new studio brush set - I haven't used it yet! Will review tomorrow :)

Face and eyes. I bought this bag at Wal Mart for about $12.
Yes, everything on the top is eyeliner. And some more on the bottom.
I'm aware I have an addiction.

Lipstick and gloss
The stuff I don't use every day goes on the wall.
Lips and Bare Minerals To Go.
These two live in my purse.

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