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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Search for the Perfect Primer

I've been searching for the perfect primer for the least amount of money. I don't have much income at all, as I'm a single mom. My only "job" is to babysit a little boy, so besides a little bit of child support, I am on an extremely limited budget. 

The first primer I tried was e.l.f. face primer, which is only $6. I absolutely LOVED the effect it had on my makeup, but it turned out it was causing my extremely sensitive skin to break out. Had to toss it. 

You guys already know I was using Prime Time by Bare Minerals, and I like it a lot, but I went in search of a brand that would give me more ounces for my dollar. 

This led me to Spackle, by Laura Geller. I picked this up at Ulta because it was 2 oz. for $30 (whereas Prime Time was 1 oz. for $24). I was so excited, but it definitely made my face break out. It went back to Ulta (no questions asked, they just give your money back with your receipt. I should mention, however, that many beauty bloggers swear by this primer! It is entirely dependent on your own skin type! This is definitely not to say that it's a bad product.) 

The next day I went to Sally Beauty Supply and ran into this treasure: femme couture mineral effects face primer. It's less than an ounce, but it is lasting a long time, and is only $9.99! It hasn't caused a single break-out, and I've been using it for weeks. I am definitely going to stock up, just in case they stop making it or something. 
While I was there, I also picked up my other two new favorite things: 

Palladio yellow concealer, which completely erases the dark circles under my eyes (for only $5.99) and Palladio tinted lip balm, which gives better color than the previously mentioned Burt's Bee's version, and it even costs $2 less! Score! 
Also comes in green,
for redness control.
A bunch of colors, only $4.99.

 My other recent find is e.l.f. baked mineral eyeshadow. I bought it on the 50% off Studio sale from, which made it only $5. (I LOVE when they do 50% studio!) I bought it after seeing this comparison:

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Please share your must-have products with us so we can try them too! How do you save money on beauty? 

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