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Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting to Know the Boys

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for months. Each time I sit down to write it, I am overwhelmed and frustrated, because no matter what I say, you still won't be able to fully appreciate my sons' personalities. Obviously. How could you? This is an unrealistic expectation!

Then, a few days ago, my friend said to me, "I always have a hard time telling them apart when you post their funny stories on facebook!"

So here I go, attempting a summary of my three incredibly different, amazing boys.

Meet Joshua, age 11:

This boy is the incredible gift I am speaking of when I write about my teen pregnancy.

I have the hardest time talking about Josh because he's so many incredible things... I feel ridiculous trying to put words to it.

He loves his Teddy like family. One day I said, "Careful with that oil or it might start a fire." Josh went running upstairs, came back with Teddy, and announced, "Ok! I'm ready!" I said, "Ready for what?" He said, "The fire." He is the best big brother anyone could EVER ask for, no matter how his brothers treat him, and my mom's dog follows him around like... well, like a puppy. He's amazing with babies and animals, and anyone who needs help. He loves to cuddle before bed while we read Harry Potter together, and he is always the first to see when I need someone. He made up this song when he was just three years old and has sang it to me ever since, "Mommy is the best! Better than the rest! GO MOMMY!" He makes my heart happy.

Meet Asher, age 8: 

Asher was so difficult as a baby/toddler I thought for sure he would be my problem child. Then his true personality came through and I can't even tell you what a sweetheart he is! It's easy to hurt Asher's feelings without meaning to, because he seems like a tough guy, but really he wants everyone to be happy and love him.

Asher's superpower is to feel what others around him are feeling. He picks up on the slightest hint of discontent and feels it deep within himself. When Steve and I were struggling, Asher was affected the most. Every time he felt a fight coming on he would withdraw into himself and start to cry. He is always the one to bring me something or offer to take care of Max so I can take a nap. He's incredibly creative and talented, especially with art and writing. He writes stories far beyond his age, and draws pictures that astound me. I have a huge box of pictures he's made because I can't bare to throw them away.

He's also rather funny. He makes us laugh daily with his matter-of-fact observations and sense of humor. When Asher smiles you can't help but smile too. He has a tendency to not like to do work, though, lol. Sometimes I have to shake my head and breathe. Famous Asher quote: "Mom, the problem is, I'm not really a clean-up guy."

Meet Max, age 4 (going on 40): 

Where to begin? Max has more personality in his pinky finger than most people have in their entire bodies. I chose these pictures to represent him because they show his many, many faces/moods. He is the SWEETEST kid or the MOST STUBBORN child you have ever seen.

He's incredibly smart. I can't explain how smart. Little Man Tate smart. He's constantly rendering us speechless with his intelligent questions and his grown-up responses. He can't be treated like a child; he'll out-smart and manipulate you if you underestimate him.

He wins EVERYONE over with his funny, loving personality, but if he's not in the mood to be social, there's no getting it out of him. Max is on Max's own program. As his parent I feel entirely inadequate. He is hours of energy, hours of fun, and hours of frustration all rolled up into one adorable package.

And then there's me... 

...just standing here with a referee whistle, ensuring they all make it to adulthood. 

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