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Friday, February 28, 2014

Why I Switched to Bare Minerals Makeup, and Why it was the Best Decision Ever

I have literally spent fifteen years searching for foundation that didn't make my acne worse.  *This is NOT a promoted post!* I just love it enough that I want to tell everyone on earth about its awesomeness. No one should have to struggle for YEARS with acne like this:

This is one week after I started the Bare Minerals foundation, which tells you how bad it was before that. This is actually AFTER some progress had been made. After two weeks, that was completely cleared up and GONE. 

This picture was taken the very same day as the above pic, with the Bare Minerals on. Not only does it improve my skin every single day, but it COMPLETELY covers any trace of acne still existing. (It's also the closest color match I have ever found for my extremely fair skin.) 

When I say it has improved my skin, I mean my face has been completely REBORN. If you have any doubts about mineral makeup (and I don't mean the drug store stuff), TRY IT (link). Invest $30 and I swear you won't regret it.

(I have heard there are many other brands of mineral makeup, some that are even better, but I haven't tried them so I don't feel like I can promote them yet.)


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  1. Oh my, I am so glad that it helps. It made my skin itch so bad. My favorite product is blush, I don't know why but I am obsessed with it. This is a new obsession by the way. I can't pick a favorite at the moment.



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