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Monday, February 3, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Party (in under three hours!)

I'm not a planner. I have the absolute worst thinking-ahead skills of anyone on Earth. So it occurred to me no more than 3 hours before our big family party that I ought to do something special for Josh's birthday cake. I ran across a Minecraft cake on Pinterest quite by accident, and while I couldn't replicate that particular design, I decided I could create my own less-incredible version.

Chocolate fudge cake mix, cooked in 2 9x9 in square pans, chocolate frosting and sprinkles for the sides, white frosting (green food coloring added) for the top, Hershey's candy bar squares for the creeper face. Picked up some Lego candles from the grocery store, and please don't judge my horrendous writing with the frosting pen. I am certainly not a pro cake decorator!

Did the boys care that it wasn't perfect? Not a bit. They thought they'd died and gone to Heaven. If they serve video game cake in Heaven, which I'm sure they would if you wanted it. I guess. I've never been there.

I lined the edges with Hershey's chocolate squares.

Minecraft food: TNT twizzlers, pretzel STICKS, Mento DIAMONDS, graham cracker BRICKS, Nugget GOLD, and cheese square LAVA. Also made some Jell-O jigglers in the shape of blocks (GRASS) and put out some crunchy Cheetos as CARROTS. The kids went nuts over the game-themed food. So much fun watching them discover the things and how they relate to the game. And the Jell-O was a HUGE hit.

Printed these labels on my black and white printer (I wish I knew which site I found them on. I googled "minecraft printable food tags"), quickly colored them and glued to construction paper. Again, this was a rush job, not claiming professional work! :)

That's it. I didn't do any other fancy things, no birthday invitations or favors, but it still seemed like a themed party and the kids had a blast. Throwing it together was just a few dollars (candy & cake mix) and, no joke, less than 3 hours time. I'm not bragging or anything, but I kinda have to take my Mom WINS where I can get them. :) 

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