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Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 3 Getting to Know Me Photo Challenge: A Picture of the Cast of My Favorite Show


I wasn't old enough to appreciate it when it was on TV (except the final season). When I got pregnant at 17, Rachel was pregnant on the show, and I started watching because I could relate to the weird pregnancy problems she was having and it was a way to relieve some of my OMG I'M PREGNANT WHAT AM I GONNA DO stress. She always made me laugh and feel less alone. 

When Steve and I moved to Kansas with our kids (2006) we barely had enough money to pay the house payment, so we didn't pay for cable TV. There were no local channels in the middle of no where, so I ended up with just my DVD collection (comprised of mostly the ten seasons of Friends) as my only entertainment. (I started my blog in 2007, which saved my sanity.) I literally watched the 10 seasons of Friends until the discs gave out. 

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