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Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 2: The Person I've Been Close with the Longest

Day 2 of the 60 Day Photo Challenge is The Person I've Been Close with the Longest.

I've spent several days trying to decide who to write about for this one, but I finally realized - DUH - it's my brother Jon. I couldn't pick just one fantastically hideous picture from the early 1990's, so you get all these gems:

Ah, that was a good Christmas!

Before or after I buried him in sand? 

Jon's 11th birthday. Weird thought: My son just had his 11th bday.

Halloween. He got fake blood on my beautiful wedding dress! :(

My parents had six kids in boy-girl order. Chris, Jenny, Justin, Natalie, (Seth), Jon, me.

This family picture was taken before Jon and I were born. 

By the time Jon and I were in elementary school, the older siblings were in junior high and high school. When I turned 10, it was just me and Jon left in the house. Chris went on his mission to Japan (where he met his wife Kiyomi), Justin moved out with Krista (his wife), Jenny went to college at UVSC, and Natalie went off to college at Utah State. Three of them got married in the same summer. Jon and I had lots of other siblings, but when it came right down to it, we were basically raised separately from the other four.

By fifteen, Jon was headed off on his mission to New York, and I was an "only child" for a while. This is when my difficult teen years started, and I felt very alone. I wrote to Jon nearly every day (though I didn't always send them, sorry about that Jon). Being away from him was really hard for me.

Growing up I remember lonnnnnng nights of talking for hours. Our parents would tell us to go to sleep and Jon would loudly say, "Well, goodnight Aubs!" Our parents would return to their bed, and we could continue on throughout the night until one of us couldn't keep our eyes open any more.

Countless times in my life Jon has seen a need for something and come to my immediate rescue. He has ALWAYS been aware of my life, needs, and challenges, and been willing to go to any lengths to ensure I was taken care of. We took care of each other when there were few other people there for us, and that bond is different than any I have with anyone else. Jon is a notoriously good gift-giver. (This is obviously related to his ability to see others' needs and find solutions to them.) MANY of my very best birthday and Christmas gifts have come from Jon. He can make absolutely anything, given the motivation to do so, whether he has a clue how to make it or not. Ten minutes with Jon is educational, as his brain is filled with facts about the most seemingly random things. I used to call him "Dex", because his brain works like a phone book. If he's seen it, been there, or heard of it, you can ask him and he'll be able to tell you where to find it and maybe even the phone number to call (even if he only heard it once in the fifth grade). I guess I should start calling him a more current name, like, "Wiki". Or something.

He's also the best dad on planet Earth.

Oh, and he also married this awesome girl Heather. We love her.

There's a million more things I could say about Jon, but I think we've done enough gushing for one day. I need to go say something snarky and borderline-mean to him now, to make up for this explosion of yucky love stuff. 


  1. Best Sister Ever! I love that you get me. Thanks for sharing some horrible photos, and a couple good ones, and a few great memories.

    Also the next time I see you I will be giving you a hug for this. Deal with it.

  2. You guys are adorable! So glad to know you all!


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