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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fairy tales

Ok, I admit it. I want the fairy tale. I want the knight in shining armor (ok, I don't care what he's wearing) to sweep me off my feet, carry me off into the sunset, marry me and live happily ever after. Or just live.

Average, every day lives. With kids and work and bills and family dinners and movie night. I want a simple, clean love story. I've had my run with dangerous, passionate, throw caution to the wind love. It's just ashes on the floor now. I want to count on someone, and take care of someone. I want my happy ending.

Unfortunately I have yet to meet a man who actually believes in such things.


  1. I hear ya babe...on a different level...but I hear ya.

  2. Be the kind of person you want to marry and let friends and colleagues that hold you back fall to the wayside. Surround yourself with good people who do good things. There are great guys out there... even if you haven't found one yet. You've come a long way. Keep going! There's my two cents. Ha!


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