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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My sanity returns

I finally got them!
Yeah, I took a picture because, let's face it, this was a big day for me! 

You know by now that my ADD meds make me a functional human. I'm not going to say they make me "normal" because that's just going a bit too far, but we'll go with functional. Without them I feel like that little stick figure in those depression medication commercials. You know, the one with the droopy shoulders.

Without it, I can't read a book. I've read the first page of my book at least fifteen times now.
Without it, I can't write a blog post that makes any sense. My brain can't focus long enough to get it written before I have to move on to something else.
Without it, it takes me a week to clean my bedroom. I'm an adult who can't clean her bedroom.

It's only been three days, so I'm not going to say I am functional. But I have already accomplished more in three days than I have in three months.

All I have to say for now is Thank God for the doctor who fixed this problem.


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