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Thursday, November 1, 2012

So close but so far

My Medicaid came through! I got a Medicaid card in the mail after FIVE MONTHS of hoop-jumping, so I called back the clinic to let them know I could now afford the medication I needed in the first place.

In case you missed Part 1 of this story, I've been trying to work through the system to get my A.D.D. meds and anti-depressants for months now, only to hit every road block imaginable.

The woman who called me (nurse? assistant? who knows) said she would pass along the message to the doctor's on-call replacement because the doc I saw is now on maternity leave. I asked her to tell on-call doc that the only reason the original doc prescribed a different med (Vyvance) was because I couldn't afford my usual meds (Concerta). Since my Medicaid was re-activated, I could now afford my Concerta and needed her to write a script for that. She said she would call back by the end of the day with on-call doc's response.

I didn't hear from her until the end of the day the following Monday, when she said "The on-call doc thinks it would be best for you to go back to your old doctor now that you have your Medicaid back."

What? Did she just say they won't even TAKE me anymore?

My response: "I'm not doing that. They won't be able to get me in for weeks, if not months this time of year, and I've already been in to see [original doc]. All I need is a written prescription, which she said I could get if I called back and spoke to the on-call doc."

Nurse/assistant Lady: "Well he's not going to do anything until we can see your records from your old doctor. And you'll need to make an appointment with on-call doc because he's never met you before."

Are they KIDDING ME right now?! They haven't even OPENED my chart. I am so fed up with the whole process and ready to cry. I say, "I ALREADY DID THAT. When I came in to see [original doc] she had me request my records from my old doctor. That's what I thought I was waiting for all this time. And [original doc] said I could just call back because she knows I don't have a car and can't get back into your office."

Her: "Ok I can look to see if we've received anything. It looks like we received a document from them today. Let me see if it's the right one." (Bull-shitting to save face for not even looking in the first place.) "Hmm, yeah it looks like we have what we need. I'll send a message to the on-call doc and let him know you've already been seen by [original doc] and we'll see what he's willing to do."

I tell her I'm not making another appointment, that's ridiculous after the original doc told me I would only have to call.

Later that day the same woman called me back and said she had my written prescription for Concerta in hand and I would need to pick it up. (Thank goodness my mom drives by there on her way home from work and could pick it up for me.) Long story not-so-short, I have my script. I can't fill it because I can't get to a pharmacy, but I have it and it's the most beautiful piece of paper I've ever seen in my life.

One teensy, tiny example of why these meds are so important to me:
These are my nails. I painted them yesterday. My attention span is SO short these days that I couldn't even follow the every-other-one pattern on both hands. Somehow I ended up with two in a row and didn't even notice until last night. Forget about reading, writing, or accomplishing anything. I can't even get to the number ten without getting distracted.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... so close to getting my sanity back!


My dad came over and let me borrow his truck to go to the pharmacy. Guess what the pharmacy said? That's right! The pharmacy said they can't fill my prescription because Medicaid thinks it's been too long since I've had that med. Now they need a pre-authorization (for the third time) from my doctor. Then guess who has to process it? That's right. Medicaid. The slowest system on earth. So much for being only one step away from my sanity. Maybe I'll be medicated next month. :(


  1. I'm so glad you stood your ground and made the biotch actually crack open your chart! I cannot stand doctor's offices. I realize they have a lot of patients but they have zero patience. And that pisses me off!

    1. Haha I love you Pam. It's true though, they all have that same "I don't care" attitude and it's just wrong!

  2. ugh. how ridiculously frustrating!
    you've changed things up since the last time i've been here- love the new look around here!

    1. Thanks Christina! I change it every month or so, I get bored easily with my surroundings. :)

  3. Oh, I've had those kind of maddening conversations with doctor's offices too. Ugh.

    I love your nails, and I didn't even notice the doubled nail until you pointed it out. I pick mine, so I just admire other people's pretty nails from afar.

    1. Haha good, at least it's not too noticeable, because I'm too lazy to do it over!!!

  4. That sounds insanely frustrating! Glad you are just one step away now. Anything that involves having to call people on the phone already has my blood pressure up, so calling and having to call back and arrange things and fight with nurses--ugh! Way to be persevering.

    1. I have the same anxiety about phone calls... especially business-y ones!

  5. I have a few tricks to get these meds cheaper without insurance if you wanted me to look. And I think the world needs a few lessons in ADD awareness because its gotten ridiculous. I was thinking of changing our insurance until I read that ADD/ADHD was an exclusion and they wouldn't pay for it. Like it was acupuncture or something.

  6. Oh, man! Whet a frustrating hassle. I hope that the next hoops don't take too long to jump through!

    I'm on the same row of the Yeah Write NaBloPoMo and I'm excited to get to know you this month!


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