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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monster Max

When I wake up tomorrow morning, it will be my little monster Max's third birthday. All I can think about each year on his birthday is my little sick baby in tubes and monitors.

Unfortunately this is how he looked when I first saw him.
Note: Those of you who have been around a while will know that I can't have Max's birthday without telling the story of his premature birth. I apologize to those who have heard it a million (three) times, but if the only good that comes from Max's struggle is getting the word out about prematurity, I will do my part. If you are new around these parts, I won't repeat the story, but if you'd like to read about Max's birth/success story, you can read it here at: Two Years Later (Max's birthday post last year). If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, you can watch Max's First Year, a video I made for Max on his first birthday. (Unfortunately you will also be forced to see me in all my post-c-section glory. Sorry about that.)

After fourteen brutally long, terrifying days in the Special Care Nursery, Max got to come home.
Born November 19th, but not home until December.
(Asher would like me to mention that he was very nice to his new brother.)

It's been three years and my 6-lb baby boy is now an almost 40-lb walking, back-talking, mess-making, cheese ball of fury.

... with a puppy dog face like none other...

So much personality in such a little boy. I am so lucky to have this little genius monster in my midst... even if he does wear his wolf suit around me! 


  1. three!! already!! He is such a ham. Happy Birthday wee one.

  2. Happy birthday, handsome young man! My boy was a preemie too so I know how that feels like. Hugs, mama!


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