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Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to do your Christmas shopping without being a jackass.

Look, I know it's hard. You hate shopping, you hate being around all the people, it's cold outside, and the stores are playing obnoxious Christmas music. There are children everywhere, most of them exhausted and even more fed up with shopping than you are. You're spending money you don't have to ensure the fantasy of Santa lives on, knowing you will be broke until next Summer as a result.

We've been over this before, but I think it's especially necessary to re-enforce it right before Black Friday.

As a retail associate, I'm just going to take a moment to BEG you to keep a few things in mind while you're doing this dreaded Christmas shopping:

  1. If you're the kind of shopper who picks things up, carries them ten feet, then dumps them somewhere else when you decide not to buy them, STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Someone has to stop doing their job (i.e. working the register when you are ready to purchase your items) in order to pick that stuff up and put it away. (If you're thinking, "But that's their job," you have obviously never been paid $7.50/hour to pick up after strangers who behave like slobs. Yesterday I had to pick up chewed-up bread off the floor. ALREADY CHEWED BREAD, people!)
  2. Consider that, while you're frustrated with the noise and the horrible Beyonce Christmas music, the employees have been in this environment for 8+ hours. You are not the first person to come through their line with a terrible attitude. Try hard to remember that the people running the stores are real people who would rather be home with their families or shopping themselves, making barely any money at all to help you. It's obviously their job to be friendly to you, but a friendly word from you might just make their day.
  3. If you are forced to bring your kids shopping with you, I feel for you. As a (former) military wife I know what it's like to have to take your kids shopping every single time. I don't know about other employees, but I enjoy seeing your kids and interacting with them. I had to leave my own kids to go to work, and sometimes just a little conversation with a boy about my kids' age makes me smile. I've found, though, that a lot of people get upset when I try to talk to their kids. These kids are even more tired of shopping than you are, why on earth would you not be happy that someone is friendly to them? 
  4. Speaking of kids... this seems pretty obvious to me, but apparently a LOT of people are confused about this fact: The toy department is not, in fact, a babysitter. Leaving your kids in the toy department while you shop is not only irresponsible (you wouldn't miss your kid if someone took off with her?) but seriously rude. These kids are opening packages, making huge messes, pushing every imaginable button, honking the bike horn over and over and over... Take them with you. For the love of God, just take them with you.
That's all for now. I have several more complaints, but let's just leave it at this for now. Remember that (some of) the employees working Black Friday have been at work since 3am! For the sake of everyone's sanity, try hard to be kind and minimize the mess they have to clean up before they can go home at Midnight.

It's Thursday AND Thanksgiving, so I suppose I should say something I'm thankful for! I'm ultra thankful for the sweet older couple who took the time to tell me "happy thanksgiving" after I rang them up at work. After a steady stream of people who ignored me when I said, "Thank you, have a great night!" it was extremely refreshing. 


  1. I have got a phobia about spending money this Christmas. With spring college tuition due this December, property taxes due, who knows what else -- I hate it. And I hate that I feel like Scrooge.

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