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Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest post by Andrea at 'When Did This Become My Life?'

Andrea is one of my very, very best friends in the whole world! I'm so lucky she agreed to guest post on my blog today! You can find her on twitter at @andrea_gabbitas. 

Hello readers and friends of Aubrey’s! Andrea here from When did this become my life. When Aubrey said she wanted someone else to blog for her I figured I’d write one for her just for fun. As I’m writing this I’m still not sure what I’ll say so we’ll see how it goes! 

I met Aubrey in 5th grade, so when I first sat down I thought.. Oh I’ll find pictures of us from then and make Aubrey post them. Then I realized ‘Oh wait that was before we had digital pictures’ and honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for said pictures. Maybe someday I’ll find them and share. But anyway, back in those days it was always Aubrey, Amanda and Me, I was kind of a brat… okay I’ll be honest I haven’t changed much.  In 5th grade we had these plastic 3 best friends necklaces and one day I got to feeling like I wasn’t actually a part of the group (which I’m sure was never true but just me being silly) and threw my necklace at them on the playground. Aw Elementary school.  The three of us went our separate ways in 6th grade each of us leaving for a new school.  Aubrey and I would meet up again in Jr. High and then once again go to different schools for High schools. But we always somewhat at least a little bit kept in touch and good thing myspace came about before she went far far away to the place we no longer think about after she got married. Okay it was only a different state but still, way too far away! Never fear though we became besties again when she got home.  We’ve been through quite a bit, from family feuds to loss of friends and back again and you guys should know, Aubrey is the best ever!

I recently became a mom and it’s probably my most favorite thing ever. My Son will be 5 months on Monday but I’m still learning something new every day. Aside from the things like how pregnancy hormones (or lack thereof?) after pregnancy makes your hair fall out in giant clumps, and by the way baby will pull out the rest! Or the best way to dress while I was breast feeding, I had no idea underwire bras would be so uncomfortable I mean I wore them every single day before! The best things are how I can see my sons little brain processing and learning new things everyday and he’s teaching me how to be a mom and, you guys, I got the best teacher ever! There are for sure some not so easy times where I want to run away screaming but for the most part I highly recommend momhood.


Speaking of my sweet boy he’s about to wake up from a nap so I should go (Sorry I pretty much wrote about nothing at all).  But everyone please remember to keep the east coast in your prayers and keep sending Aubrey happy vibes! We love her and want her to know we’re here for her during these rough times.  It will get better love!

Happy Halloween ALL! And what did you go as this year?


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