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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back to the start

If I'm going to go through Divorce hell, there should at least be a positive outcome, right?

I'm not saying everything should turn out well; I'm not completely delusional. But the fact is that divorce is hideous, no matter how well you "get along" and there are children who are going through this hell too. If we have to do this, which of course I wish we didn't but we do, I am at least going to shoot for the best possible result.

I didn't have an abusive husband. I didn't leave as a result of an affair. But our marriage included more unhappy moments than happy ones. Our home was more conflict than peace, and our children were beginning to fight with each other the way he and I fought with each other. It was not a big scandal... but our home was a tragedy nonetheless. My kids saw more tears than smiles, and despite our very best efforts, we couldn't reverse what happened to us.

We made the decision to divorce because we wanted to see smiles on our babies' faces again. We wanted to give them the chance to live in peace and happiness. We are five months separated, and we've already begun to forget why we are doing this.

My new goal is to give my kids the memories they deserve. Memories of smiles on their PARENTS' faces.

I'm going to smile through the pain until it doesn't hurt anymore.

I've never listened to this song before. It came on Spotify as I was writing this blog post and fit perfectly.


  1. That is a wonderful goal and i look forward to reading your journey through this.

  2. Aubrey you can do it! You are such an amazing mom to your kids and even though it may not feel like it now, you are still doing the right thing. Plus, you still look amazing and gorgeous! :)

  3. Yes, it sucks, but it does pass. It just takes time.

  4. Many hugs... It isn't fun now and may not be any time soon, but your kids will love seeing you happy, even if you aren't happy together. (((Hug)))

  5. (Hi from a Yeah Write 'columnie')

    Yes, divorce is painful. In some ways, I'm really glad that we decided not to have children, because I can't imagine what that must do to them.

  6. Ah, so sorry! But I love how you are looking to the positive and smiling more!

  7. I am sorry your marriage did not last. I can relate because my divorce was similar in nature.

  8. As a child of divorce, living in a house without all the tension and stress is a true gift. It's not always understood and appreciated right away, but it makes such a difference.

  9. This is awesome. I am going through a divorce right now. We are great friends, get along great, but cannot be together. Although we "want" to have a peaceful divorce I do not think that is possible. Good luck to you.

  10. Keep smiling. You bring something quite beautiful to this world.


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