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Thursday, September 27, 2012

All that charm

Today is Asher's seventh birthday.

Since before Asher could talk we knew he was a charming person. He's always had this way of flirting with people to get what he wants. Even as a little baby he could manipulate the situation to his advantage and make you think it was your own idea. But what I witnessed today in his classroom was a whole other level.

School has been in session less than three weeks, and Asher has the entire class and his teacher wrapped around his little finger.

First, the entire class made Asher birthday cards.

That's right, one card per student. Several of the cards said "I love you" in them and ALL the cards had a picture of Asher and the kid who made the card playing some kind of game or holding hands. The girls drew Asher in a rainbow, and one boy drew a picture of the two of them high above the clouds by the sun wearing rocket boots together. One little girl wrote "your a great friend". These are six-year-olds, people! And they all love my son.

While Asher sat on the special stool, a proud look on his face, kids gathering at his feet, I heard several requests for play dates. One little girl looked up at him with stars in her eyes and asked, "Asher? Will you play with me tomorrow at recess?" I even heard one boy say, "Asher, I like you the best."

He held his head high and took his sweet time in the spot-light. He paused on each part of his poster, for effect.

"My name is Asher. A-S-H-E-R."
"I am seven years old."
"Would you like to see how cute I was? This is me as a baby. Cute, right?" 
"This is my family... me, my dad, my mom AUBREY, Max, and my big brother Josh."
"My friends are actually my cousins, Adam, Noah and Emma."
"When I grow up I want to jump out of airplanes and jets."
"My pet is a dog named Suki."
"My favorite color is green, of course."
"My favorite book is Another Monster at the End of This Book, which is a FICTION book."
"My favorite food is mac'n'cheese. I would eat mac'n'cheese all day if I could, even dessert."

Then Asher was allowed to answer five questions from the class.

What's your favorite video game?
"Lego Star Wars"

What's something you do with your family?
"Go to Lagoon" (local amusement park - we've only been once)

What's your favorite sport, or something you like to do with your dad?
"I like to run with my dad."

What's your favorite toy?
"Halo mini legos"

What's your favorite finger?
"My thumb, obviously."

Passing out the candy we brought for a treat, Asher says, "One at a time, one at a time. Now pick ANY kind you want." Except for the girls... when it was the girls' turn Asher said things like, "I have a bubble gum if you want it," while raising his eyebrows at them and flashing a smile.

Walking home from Asher's birthday celebration, Asher says, "Um, Mom? I'm not trying to say this mean or anything, but... how about a 'happy birthday'?"

Luckily he also uses his charm on me, so I forgive him when he does things like this. :)


  1. That kid has a awesome future in politics!

  2. So he is just a little ladies man. How adorable. Happy birthday wee man!

  3. That is so stinkin' sweet! Happy birthday to Asher and congrats to you, Mama, for making such a loveable kid!


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