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Monday, September 17, 2012

Ah, the joys of retail.

I've been working on the register a bit at work lately, so I have things to say again (things that aren't just about my personal turmoil).

Here's what I don't understand... people who return things. Don't get me wrong, I've had to return a few things (ok, like twice in my life), but the average person is not who I'm referring to here. I'm talking about people who buy things, hold onto them for months, then return them. (ESPECIALLY the ones who actually use these things, then dare to show up at my store claiming they didn't use the product. This is as low as you can go, in my opinion.)

Something you need to know: I've worked at my store for over a year now, but I haven't been trained on a register until about a week ago. I still don't know exactly what I'm doing, so they make sure a Front End Supervisor is with me if I need to do a return/exchange. So yesterday I'm working on a register and this lady comes in with a purse to return. If you've got a legitimate return, you hand me the item and say, "I'd like to return this." People who have sketchier intentions start in with a story.

This woman is perfectly sweet to me, until she doesn't get what she wants.

Her:  I bought this for my mom and she tried to return it to this store but they told her without a receipt she could only get in-store credit. So I brought in the receipt, because I'm the daughter you know, and she found another purse she wants at - *whispers* Marshalls - so I need to get my money back for this one. She says there's too many compartments or something in this one. Anyway, the lady said she could only give her store credit, so I'm here to get a refund."

At this point I've been staring at her, wide-eyed, wishing I could tell the woman to breathe.

Me: "Ok, let's do the return then!" *smile*

Her: "Oh, thank you, because when she brought it in before they told her she could only get in-store credit and I can't just drop everything to run to the store to return it, you know?  I mean, I can't just drop everything, I'm not retired."

Me: *blank stare*

This is when we run into a problem. The computer comes up with the option only to give her in-store credit. I'm confused. I turn to Michael and say, "Why won't it let me give her money back?"

Michael comes over to check the receipt. "Because the purchase was more than thirty days ago."

I look at the woman and shrug, and she starts in again, this time with attitude. I finally understand why she presented the whole story to begin with. She knew the receipt was expired.

"Yes, but I can't just drop everything and come in here, and she TRIED to bring it back and the woman tried to only give her in-store credit!"

"Well," Michael continues, "This receipt is actually almost two months old." When she starts to repeat herself AGAIN, only louder, he offers to call up a manager to speak with her, and she says, "Yes, I think that would be best."

We wait what seems like hours (two minutes, maybe) for the manager on duty to walk to the front of the store.

Customer: "I bought this purse for my mother for her birthday and she didn't like it, so she tried to return it but the woman here tried to give her IN-STORE CREDIT, she's kind of *whispers* disabled, you know," (love the pity card she threw in there, now her Southern accent is coming out), "and now I'm here for a refund, but the computer is telling her she can only give in-store credit, even with this receipt, so we thought you probably had some special numbers or something to make it happen."

FIRST of all, my manager isn't exactly Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Magic isn't really one of her credentials. SECOND, we thought so? WE did not think so. THIRD, what makes you so special? Even if my manager WAS the Magic Number Fairy, why would you automatically assume you would qualify for the use of her powers? People just astound me.

Guess what this woman does when my manger tells her the EXACT same thing Michael told her? With the sweetest voice ever, she coos, "Oh, that's just fine, if you can't do it, you can't do it! I mean obviously it's right there in the computer, it won't even let her do it! In-store credit is perfectly fine."


And when this woman left the store, guess what? I took a closer look at this purse and there is FILTH on it. Like the kind of filth you get when you've used a diaper bag for like six months and baby formula has spilled on it or something. NASTY. That woman just walked away with $50 in-store credit for a product she's USED for the last two months.

Who raises these people?! 


  1. Haha this made me laugh out loud. Only because I used to work at TJ Maxx and had this happen ALL THE TIME. I once had a lady come in with a swimming suit that was so worn, it had to have been 30 years old. She claimed that she had JUST bought it and demanded a refund. She made such a fuss, that she got a refund. Seriously? The joys of retail...

    1. So, so gross. A coworker of mine said someone tried to return sheets with a period stain on them.

    2. oh jill! i will always love that story! and aubrey - people are CRAZY. that's the moral of this story!

  2. Ah, yes! I know the joys of retail very well.
    I used to work at *whisper* Marshall's and had a lady return a 4 YEAR old bathing suit that had clearly been washed multiple times. But she had the receipt so she got the store credit. Disgusting!

  3. But the customer is always right ;) ... lol ... I don't miss working in retail ... *hugs*

  4. Oh, this had me laughing....I do have some retail memories too.
    I remember someone trying to return a stained formal dress.... 2 days after the formal insisting that they didn't wear it to the formal. Seriously? 2 days after the formal, you're here....receipt in hand. but clearly, naked at your own formal? whatev.
    the audacity of some people is truly astounding. ruining the joy of shopping like that.
    Also, thanks for the coffee chat retweet! :)

  5. I worked at Best Buy as a cashier around 2002 - 2003. Let me tell you about some of the people I had to deal with:
    -People whose cards got declined and thought Best Buy was declining them. Not my fault your credit card has no cash on it.
    -People who threw an enormous fit over a $1 price difference on a product. I'd adjust the price, just calm the hell down.
    -Type A personality businessmen assholes in business suits on their cell phones who claim to be late for something. Every few receipts that would print out, we'd get a survey that we HAD to tell the customer lest you get written up. Well one day I had this guy come in and yell at me about just about everything possible. Told me the store was slow, loud, etc. He rushed me the whole time and much to my dismay, the receipt printer printed out the survey. I would have ignored it, but my manager was nearby so I had to tell him. As I started to explain it to him, he said something like:
    "What do you NOT understand about me being in a hurry?? I MUST leave now. Jsut give me the damned receipt and let me get the hell out of here!" and then said something into his phone along the lines of "Stupid idiot teenager cashiers...".
    My manager overheard this and intervened, basically forced the guy to listen to the survey on the receipt, and told the guy, in a cheerful tone, to leave immediately.

    I truly do feel sorry for you working retail, Aubrey... I cannot stand working with the general public, for the reasons you brought up in your story, and for the reasons in mine.


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