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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The joys of Attention Deficit Disorder

"Sick" is not a sufficient word for what's happened to me. "Ill" doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm pretty much on my death bed over here. "Sore" throat is an enormous understatement, my throat is on FIRE. Chills, muscle aches, headaches, absolutely no energy, my food tastes funny... the whole SHA-BANG.

I don't blog because I can't create a complete thought anymore. I've now been unmedicated for something like two months, and it's not getting easier. Life without A.D.D. meds can kiss my big toe. 

Instead of trying to form a complete thought, I'm just going to throw things out there and let you sort them all out! After all, if you can read a whole blog post, your brain is functioning better than mine anyway!

So let's see, I'm sick, Max appears to be sick as well, and I had to miss work again. I HATE missing work. 
Falling asleep mid-day? Definitely not feeling well. Don't ask me to explain the dog.

I discovered Instagram, so hopefully you love looking at pictures of EVERYTHING I do all day long, because I am on a ROLL. (toomuchaubrey) 

I'm dying to read a good book but don't have the attention span for it. Go figure.

This last weekend I went out with my sister-in-law Danielle. Isn't she pretty? 
Such a pretty girl.
My  niece Olivia (who is totally beautiful, btw) celebrated her 12th birthday at our house this weekend. I can't believe our little bitter beer face baby (she had the most ornery face on the planet as a child, lol) is all grown up now! 
Yes, my phone LIVES in my hands.
I take lots of pictures of myself. But THAT'S not new! lol 
And yes, that's my bra. Oops.
I'm starting to wonder if my son will grow up to be an ACTUAL ninja. Or maybe just have an identity disorder which makes him believe he is an actual ninja. 

Yep, that's a yard stick. But if you ask him it's a Samurai sword.

I warned you it would be random, didn't I? 


  1. Awesome! great blog. See you did it even with the distraction ;-p I hope you get better soon. I knew you'd like instagram it's addicting. Ha :-) oh btw I've always wanted to be a ninja when I was a little boy haha. Great pics. Mr. Ink :-)

  2. I really hope you start feeling better soon.
    If I join one more damn site I think I might just go nuts.
    But Instagram sounds sooooo cool!

  3. Aww hope you'll feel better soon, girl. On another note, you look so gorgeous! Will follow you on Instagram now.


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