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Monday, July 2, 2012

I don't miss you.

Of course I don't miss you.
I don't miss your obscene nicknames for me.
I don't miss you rapping every word to an eminem song at all hours of the day.
I don't miss your smell or your arm around my shoulders.
I don't miss your nose rubbing on mine or your incessant need to grope me.
I don't miss your IDGAF attitute.
I don't miss you at night or in the morning or in the afternoons when you used to come home.
I don't miss your constant "where's my shoes? Where's my belt? Breea, find my pants!"
I don't miss doing your laundry and accidentally shrinking your favorite pair of jeans.
I don't miss your lips, your kisses, or your body curled up next to mine in an identical shape.
I don't miss you at all.
Of course I don't.

Except maybe a little.
All the time.


  1. I haven't been commenting much, because I feel like I really can't offer you the comfort you deserve, and you know, it's all already been said by readers, friends, & family.

    But I wanted to let you know that I'm still following, still reading along, and still sending you good wishes.

  2. Its hard to be so broken. Its hard to keep up pretences that everything is okay, especially when it seems the other person doesn't care. I can only send you my thoughts of being strong and hoping you keep doing what you are doing to take care of those wonderful boys of yours. Put them and yourself first in everything you do, because you deserve it.


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