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Monday, June 11, 2012


Asher & me

Sometimes I open a new blog post and start to write. But each time, what comes out sounds so cliche that I just can't stand to post it. I'm in a very predictable phase right now, and I really doubt you want to hear all about my separated-but-not-yet-divorced antics. It's all about how much I appreciate my kids for being my saving grace, my friends for being there for me while everything sucks, how establishing my "home" in my mother's home is difficult, yet appreciated. I even got my hair cut/colored, like every girl going through a break up does. It's all very predictable and I'm not going to bore you with it.

So for now... just know that I miss this safe place of mine, and I hope you're still here when I find something new to say. XOXO

Aubrey Anne <3


  1. I want to hear about it, especially BECAUSE all your topics relate to how you're doing! That helps me understand you better and learn vicariously through you. So, write away! If it gets monotonous, that's perfectly fine!

  2. I like to hear it all, cliche or not. You look beautiful.

  3. Every break up is different and we all experience different things, yet we all understand the torturous hearbreak. Don't feel like your being cliche or monotonous because there's no way you can be. Your feelings are unique, genuine, and relatable. Someone out there needs to hear them because you'll be their light at the end of the dark tunnel of heartbreak.
    You wrote about reading about experiences that were similar to yours in the past, well, now it's your turn to write for others, because it's who you are. A writer. This may be the beginning of your best chapter yet.
    Just keep loving those boys and yourself and it'll all work out the way it should. The rawness of the pain will heal with time, and you'll be more fantastic than ever. :) E me if you need to vent! You're still my fave too. :)

  4. I know what you mean about feeling like a cliche sometimes. I say screw it and let it all out - cliche or not - if that's what helps you. And we'll be here to read it now, then and in between. Be well, Aubrey.


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