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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My children,

This Mother's Day I'm making you a promise. To never turn into THAT mom.

The mom who cares more about her looks than you. The mom who is perfectly-groomed from her bleached-blonde head to her glittered, high-heeled toes but can't manage to speak a word of respect to her teen-aged child.

The mom who embarrasses not you, but herself, by trying to embarrass you in public.

I didn't even realize that mom was so common, but now I know. I see them every day at work, these women who spend so much time on their cell phones and their appearance that they've lost that connection with their kids. Now I know how many of them are out there, and I promise you it will not be that way. I will care about me, because I am important and by caring about me I am a better mother to you, but you will not be crucified so that I can feel good about myself.

You will always be number one.

All three of you.




  1. So beautiful. I know I'm guilty of the cell phone thing. I'm working on it but I've got to try harder.
    Ps. You and your babes are gorgeous.

  2. I know "those" moms, too. It's like their kids are accessories that they flaunt when it's convenient or advantageous to them. My friend's ex girlfriend is one of them, and yes, she uses their child to spite him whenever the opportunity arises.
    I hope her Mothers' Day SUCKED! lol

    But look at your with your kiddos! Gorgeous, all of you!

  3. Perhaps the dividing line that separates you from the mom's whose behavior you abhor is this: They see their children as literal extensions of themselves, and thus they can justify any treatment of them that seems reasonable to them. You see your children as individual people, in their own right, separate and apart from you . . . for whom you have responsibilities and you love who they are as separate individuals.

    Posting three separate pictures of you with each of them separately, instead of one group shot, implies that this thought may be true.

  4. I just want to know where "those moms" find the time to be so overly concerned with themselves. My kids don't give me a second to think straight, nevermind put on a straight line of eyeliner, nor are they ever quiet enough for me to be on any phone. LOL

    You & those boys are gorgeous and they are lucky to have you!


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