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Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest Posting at PPD to Joy

Yael Saar of survived postpartum depression twice and became a mama on a mission to remove guilt, shame, and blame from parenting. I was first introduced to Yael when I saw her You Tube video that changed my life. Her facebook group Mama's Comfort Camp has over 150 mamas from all over the world supporting each other with self-care and self-kindness. You can ask to join the group here:
She will soon be teaching her (Not)Secret (Not)Weapon online class about disarming anxiety and anger with practical bodymind methods. How cool is that? Check it out at

Today I get to be a guest blogger on You would NOT believe how psyched I am for this opportunity! Go, read, leave some love. (Maybe if you leave lots of comments she'll even let me come back and guest post again. Just kidding, she's the sweetest, she would let me do that anyway!)  Read my post here

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