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Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's probably cliche but I never look up at the stars anymore. After 5 hours in the fitting room standing on blistered feet tonight I ran to the grocery store to get a few basics, and on one of my trips inside the house with them a flashing light caught my eye. I looked up and realized there were hundreds of stars that were visible, and they probably are every night, I just never look up.

When I was a little girl my sister Jennifer would take me out on the front lawn with a blanket and hold me while we stared up at the stars together. Ten years older than me, she was really more of a parent than a sister, and that time together is one of those big things from my childhood that makes me ache with nostalgia. I cherished every moment of it, and it was especially cool because I could stay up a little bit late. ;) As the youngest sister in a family of six kids, the time my sister spent with me was beyond crucial in my feeling OK with the world.

I'm getting off topic. The fact is that the stars are still up there... the beauty still sits outside my front door every night and I've just quit looking up.

Goal this year: be more like a child. Look up in wonder. Cuddle on a blanket in the grass. Remember the good times and transfer those times to my sons.

And go see my sister.


  1. This is so sweet. Life is so much sweeter when we channel that inner child. No?
    I am 12 and 10 years older than my 2 brothers. I am more of a Mom to them than a sister. Love them to bits.
    So yes, that's a hint for you to go visit your sister.

  2. Nice recording of feelings and good memories!


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