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Friday, April 6, 2012

Just what I needed

Today was spent coloring Easter eggs with nieces, nephews, sons, brother and sisters. It was exactly what I needed.

So many people requested to hear more of my story after reading my last post, I've started writing it down. It has already been incredibly therapeutic, even though no one is reading it yet. Some things are just better held close... for now.  

Yesterday evening, as the day drew close to bedtime, I noticed Joshua attempting to cuddle with Asher on the couch. I almost got out my camera to take a picture, but I didn't want to interrupt such a rare moment between them. Just as I was blissfully sighing to myself, Asher shoved Josh and yelled, "Quit it!" Josh said, "I wasn't doing anything," and scooted back out of Asher's "bubble". I looked around, saw that I was once again wasting time on Twitter chatting with people I don't even know, and decided something. Josh loves to be close to people! Why am I sitting here, when my nine-year-old son hasn't yet withdrawn from me? He's going to stop wanting to cuddle with his family, and I will have missed it! Just because he's the oldest doesn't mean he doesn't need me to hold him. 

He's much too big to sit on my lap (comfortably), so I climbed in my bed and invited him to lay with me. He said, "Yay!" and jumped on the bed. I can't even describe to you how quickly he snuggled into the space between my arm and my chest. We talked and laughed, and I asked him if he ever thinks of things that he wants to talk about but doesn't ask me. He said yes. I told him each night from now on we would find some time to lay down and talk a little. It was like I'd lifted weight off him, just by suggesting that we spend that time together. After much conversation and many giggles, he said, "I will never forget this day. I have lots of memories, and now this is one of them." 

Heart: Melt.

Excuse me while I go cuddle with my boy.

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