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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dual purpose

Some days I get frustrated that I don't have as much time to clean the house or help my kids with their homework as I did when I was a stay-at-home mom. Ok, honestly it's most days. I hate using a bunch of energy at work, just to come home and no energy left for my family.

About once a week, though, I look forward to a day at work. Because to be perfectly honest with you, it's really hard to be home all the time. After a week or two without a break you start to feel like you might die if you have to wake up to the same small apartment and the same kids and the same expectations ONE MORE TIME. It's exhausting, it's infuriating to care for an environment with everything you have, only to find everyone has trashed it again.

It's kind of nice to have another purpose. I complain a lot about having an insignificant job where (most) people treat me like an insignificant person and get paid minimum wage, but really it's kind of a welcome change after eight years of SaHM-hood.

It's hard to do both jobs, quite honestly I had no idea how hard. But tomorrow morning I get to wake up, curl my hair all pretty, and spend hours just scanning items in the store with good friends. No matter what I have to deal with, it doesn't carry the pressure of "what if I break my child?" What's the worst that can happen at work? Someone doesn't like the way I did something, they tell me they didn't like it, and we deal with the problem. That's worst-case scenario. No kids demanding or whining at me, no one to feed but myself. They're at home waiting for me when I get there, and there won't be enough time left in the day to do everything I need to do, but today I am feeling grateful for the change of pace it brings.

Tomorrow I will get to MISS my kids for a few hours. Tomorrow I get to hear "Yay! Mommy's home!" 

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  1. I seriously love your posts about your kids and work! You describe the emotions so succinctly. I don't use that term lightly (especially when writing it on my phone at 2:40 am). You convey so much emotion while continuing your narrative and it took barely more than 4 short paragraphs. Keep all of your writing that dense (in a good way; synonyms without negative connotation are failing me) and you won't always have to work for minimum wage. :)


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