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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hyperbole. Definition: Aubrey.

Sitting on a couch with my big brother Jon and my teenage niece. Jon brings up this website on his MacBook: Hyperbole and a Half.

He starts telling me how much he loves it, and my niece Ashlie says, "What's a hyperbole?" (she said "hyper bowl") 

Jon corrected her pronunciation, "High-per-bo-lee," he said. Then we both said at the same time, "It means AUBREY."

Poor Ashlie didn't understand, and she looked at us crazy, waiting for an explanation. (Which is probably what you've got going on right now, reading this.)  Jon went on to explain that "hyperbole" is defined as "obvious and intentional exaggeration". explains it further with: an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intendedto be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.” To sum up, I have spent my entire life speaking in hyperbole, to the point of becoming a joke to my own family. :)

Being someone who appreciates taking things too far, I find it entertaining to mock those around me who speak in exaggerated terms. (Hyperbole loves company.) Monday morning at work, my friend Katie was going off about how the song "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People is a messed up song because it encourages children to take guns to school and shoot their classmates. 

I told her she was being a bit ridiculous. I told her not to worry about it. I told her I've never even noticed that the song was about that at ALL. 

Has anyone else heard of the recent school shooting in Ohio

Seriously, though, think of how your favorite song affected you IN HIGH SCHOOL. As an adult music affects you, but not the same way as it did at fifteen. I jotted down a few songs that really changed me or hit me emotionally throughout junior high and high school. (Here we go, showing my age. Deep breath.)

I remember crying on the bathroom floor as a thirteen year old girl madly in love with a guy too old for me. I thought I would suffocate and die because I couldn't have him. I listened to Sarah McLachlan "I Don't Know How to Let You Go" for hours and hours and cried the ugly kind of cry.

Do I dare admit that the "Baby One More Time" video on The Box is the first time I remember feeling sexually charged by music?

Other songs that seemed to speak FOR me, in no particular order: 

Flyleaf, "All Around Me"
Emme Rossum, "Slow Me Down" (<--after having kids)
Ben Folds, "The Luckiest" (<--falling in love with Husband)
Death Cab for Cutie, "Follow You Into the Dark"
Seven Mary Three, "Lucky"
Everything AFI, especially the "December Underground" album
Tiger Army, "Incorporeal"
Bad Religion, "Sorrow"
Pink, "Fun House" (<--going through separation)
Spice Girls, "Wannabe"  (<--as a teenager, when my friends were MOST important in my life - If you aren't cool with my BFFs, we can't be together!)
Billy Joel, "My Life"  (<--again, teenager, although it was "before my time")

There are so many, but I won't bore you with the details of my emo teenagehood. The point is that music hits us and feels like an explanation of our SOUL, like someone UNDERSTANDS us. It's not just a song that we like, it defines us, especially as a teen.

I don't know that the song had a thing to do with that shooting... it was just an interesting correlation between that comment and the event, which made me start thinking about how music affects us. All I'm saying is that the affects of music on young hearts/minds are stronger than we think.

What music spoke to you?


  1. This Hyperbole is glad to have such great company. LOL!
    Don't even get me started on my teen-post teen-early 20's music drama correlations. All I'm going to say is picture driving down a long lonely stretch of a bare-limbed tree lined highway on a bitter cold morning after having my heart unmercifully crushed by my b/f of 4 yrs singing "Insensitive" by Jann Arden at the top of my lungs with tear streamed cheeks...EVERY MORNING on my way to class...
    "Oh, I really should have known
    By the time you drove me home
    By the vagueness in your eyes
    Your casual good-byes
    By the chill in your embrace
    The expression on your face
    That told me
    Maybe You might have
    some advice to give
    On how to be
    And let's not talk about dating ourselves. My song is so much older than yours!!!! LOL

  2. I. Love. That. Blog...for realz. that's out of my system...
    Music has always been there for me during integeral parts of my life. Last year when I was diagnosed with bipolar, I listened to soft music from Florence + The Machine...Adele...and any song that had hope.
    Definitely a 180 from the music I listened to as a teen.
    Dare I say Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys?
    Don't judge.

    1. I couldn't possibly judge... I recently discovered Spice Girls radio on Pandora... yeah. Still love it. (Now YOU don't judge!) ;)

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  4. Three or four years ago I created a 100 love song playlist for my exwife that traced my feelings about my life from the mid '60s up until that point in time and what I hoped would happen thereafter. A few examples from that list:

    1967: Eddie Arnold - Have I Told You Lately I couldn't find a video of Eddie Arnold singing it, but here's one by Jim Reeves (that I don't think sounds nearly as good as Eddie Arnold.) I felt a deep connection to this song before I met the girl who I thought would live up to those words.

    1973: Jim Croce - I'll Have To Say I Love You in a Song This was two years after my marriage and it said it all for me at that time.

    1980's: Sophie B Hawkins - Lose Your Way

    1990's: Jim Croce - Lover's Cross

    2001: Rascal Flats - I'm Movin' On

    2007: Toby Keith - Big Blue Note

    2007-2012: Elvis Presley - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You . . . as I told my exwife how much I still loved her.

    2011: Adele - Rollin' In The Deep . . . after she told me how much she did not love me.

    A month ago I was struck by this song which says it all for me now . . . three days before I marry my new sweetheart:

    Lonestar - I'll Die Tryin'

  5. Today I'm pondering a deep and insightful question: Is it just happenstance that I'm the last one to read Aubrey's posts on her blog and feel the desire to comment, or . . . do I have the greatest ability in the world of men to kill further comments on a blog?

    Almost invariably, when I post to her blog, all further comments on that thread cease. Wondering . . .

    1. Lately only two or three people comment on anything... generally the same couple of people! Probably not personal. Most people don't comment anymore.


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