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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Support our school! (...and go broke)

Hey, remember when book fairs were awesome? You could beg $2 off your mom and bring home 3 books, an eraser, and a poster of seven kittens for you wall. At least that's how I remember it.

Asher had a parent-teacher conference today after school. He's only in Kindergarten, and he's way ahead of the curve because he's 6 1/2 (and has my genes). ;) I'm not going to lie to you, I was dragging my feet, feeling like it was a bit of a waste of time. After getting a strong, "Asher is amazing, Asher can do everything with flying colors, Asher is friends with everyone," I was feeling generous. Off we go to the book fair. I wasn't even feeling the panic of spending money, because MIL gave me $15 specifically for the book fair. I was feeling rich.

On the way in I swore that THIS TIME I wouldn't be buying gimmicky crap. THIS TIME I'm buying something educational! A good, old fashioned chapter book they can benefit from!

Ten minutes later, with a crease in my forehead (which, these days, is deeper than it used to be), I came to the realization that the book fair doesn't SELL anything educational. "Princess Cupcake Papers" and "The complete Ninja Lego Sticker Book", "The Zombie Interpreter Book" (<--which, btw, is the most obnoxious "talking" book I've ever heard - it makes "Zombie sounds" and then "interprets" them).

$26.00 later we left the building with two Lego Ninjago books (most of my house is Ninjago themed since Christmas)

& a book called "Aliens in Underpants" or something like that. Oh yeah, and three ridiculously frivolous pens with googly eyes.

Ah, well, at least they are happy.

What we didn't leave with? Any of the posters they were selling for $4.50/each, erasers shaped like Twizzlers licorice, or pens with tiny little crocs attached. (Yeah, those kind of crocs, not this kind.) I took a picture to prove it.

Croc-haters, we've reached an all-time low.

All I'm saying is when did "SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL!" turn into "GO BROKE & LEARN NOTHING!" ?!?


  1. As a parent you should touch base with the school/PTO and recommend finding a commercial free book fair. I swear by the books I've been selling, and many of us Ambassador's goals are to hold commercial-free book fairs in the public schools. The books aren't as inexpensive as that big company...but a much higher quality and absolutely gorgeous. You're post is such a motivator for me. There are so many parents like you who want more quality reading books and less, lets call it what it is...crap, at these book fairs. If it is there for the kids to choose, we know as moms, they are going to choose it. LOL I'm making some phone calls today! Thank you for posting about your experience!

  2. Liz' school sells beef jerky and popcorn as a fundraiser. Every week. And they occasionally do a night at Village Inn where the school gets like 40% of the revenue during certain hours.

    And the bad book fair thing too. It really is obnoxious.

    I offered to do a fundraiser in the form of a photo shoot for Halloween, and give the school 50% of my revenue while making awesome photos. They didn't even respond.


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