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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mom needs a break

There are three kinds of moms:

You all know one. She's Super-Mom. She looks shocked when you say, "I'm leaving the kids with my mother-in-law while I go on a little vacation," and then explains that she hasn't spent a day away from her children since she birthed them.  


There's this other kind of mom. She can be any age, but she's the one who never sees her kids, and it's not because she's working hard... she's just not interested in being a mother, or is still just emotionally a kid herself. She's the mom who has a babysitter three times a week and looks shocked when you say, "I can't; I have kids." I will admit, I have been this mom before. Thankfully that's a phase for me, not who I am. 


Then there's that third kind of mom. She works hard, but every once in a while she finds herself yelling a few too many times over issues which are a little too small. Her house isn't perfect, but her kids love her, and at the end of the week she can't really remember her own name. She finally realizes why she's so frazzled: she needs a break. This kind of  mom can spend the majority of time with her family, job, responsibilities... but she's also willing to drop the kids off with her sister and take some "me" time. 

I think we all know I'm not the Super-Mom type, and I've already admitted to having Selfish-Mom tendencies, but these days I think I can confidently say that I fall in the Moderate-Mom category. I believe in taking time to myself. I believe in being extremely involved in my kids' lives. I believe in balance between the two.

Long story short, my last blog post was about going out to a club, and today I am telling you about my mini-vaca this weekend to Mesquite, Nevada. I know this may qualify me as Selfish-Mom, but it's really not normal for me to be going away so much, so if that's the conclusion you've come to, I respectfully disagree with you. :)

Am I the only one who feels like they need a vacation to recover from their vacation? After a trip (no matter how small), I always feel like I need a week to rest. This time isn't like that, and I'll tell you why.

Because I...

...spent two and a half days with good people who didn't ask a thing of me. Not ONE.SINGLE.THING. was required of me all weekend long. 

...lounged on a couch in a fancy condo that is, by the way, by far nicer than my own apartment.

...had good conversation, good food, good drinks, and made good memories. 

...met new, open-minded, hilarious friends.

...swam in a heated pool with sun on my back. 

...sat in a hot tub for hours without having to say, "No, don't pee in the pool" or "don't drown your brother" even once!

 ...slept in a bed better than my own. Not a single small person woke me up asking for potty or ba-ba, and I woke up whenever my brain decided to greet the day. Heaven? Yes, I think so.

...drove six hours each way, and didn't fight with Husband even ONCE. That's true love, baby! 

...missed my kids so bad it hurt. 

...came home to hugs and kisses and little boys who had an amazing weekend with their grandma. 

Is the house a mess? Yes. Do I go back to work in the morning? Yes. But I had such an incredible weekend relaxing with friends that I don't mind a bit.

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  1. No judgement here.
    We ALL need that to recharge our souls to come back into the trenches of sticky floors, "mom" yelled in 194&3&2124 times , a. Audience in the bathroom...
    It doesn't make you selfish..,it makes you normal ;)


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