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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being the mom: Breakfast with boys

Feeling extra friendly this morning, upon waking I announced, "I'm going to make you some cinnamon rolls!"

Max, being the obstinate 2-year-old he is lately, immediately threw a fit. "No! No want cimman rolls! Want BEANS!" To prove his point, he puts the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls back in the fridge and brings me a can of black beans from the cupboard.

I'm still feeling awfully friendly, so I think, Who am I to deny the child beans? and I proceed to make cinnamon rolls AND beans with cheese. Yes, I know it's a strange breakfast combination, but the child is requesting beans, for goodness sake! What am I going to do, say, "No, you must eat the unhealthy breakfast I make you!"?

When Asher wakes up I tell him, "I made you cinnamon rolls!" He says, "Yay!!! I love cinnamon rolls," and runs to the table. I get the rolls out, put them on a plate for him, giving him one more than I usually do because, well, I'm friendly today.

He looks at it for a moment and finally asks, "Can I make this a little more classier?"

"What?" I say.

"More classy. With more cinnamon and sugar on top." He looks at me like, DUH.

This is when Max chimes in with, "Beans all gone. Want cimman rolls!"

Yep. I'm getting frustrated.

"Why do you need a speed boat for land?" Asher questions me. "This is a joke," he adds.
I shrug and give him an, "I don't know."
"Why don't you just take a guess," he says, with an exasperated look on his face.
"So you can go fast?" I guess.
"Wrong. It's so If you want to watch Sesame Street, just watch it yourself!"
He busts up laughing, the cutest little six-year-old-who-thinks-he's-hilarious laugh I've ever heard.

Max chimes in, "No cimman rolls. Want BEANS!"

I give up.


  1. LOL! Sounds like you had a fun house today. :)

  2. Hahah!!
    You win at parenting.
    Usually I'd be all "No buns for you"
    And then I'd take them into my room and eat them in secret.
    "Them" meaning cinnamon rolls...not the kids.


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