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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today Things ( EVERNEATH! )

Things That Suck Today

  • Missing work solely because I didn't have a babysitter. Calling in makes me feel like garbage. I can't stand it when circumstances outside my control make me appear unreliable.
  • Finding out that a 15-minute walk to my son's school leaves me coughing and wheezing like a 90-year-old man. By the time I got home I had to remove my shirt and sit on this computer chair, panting for equal amount of time I spent walking. Pathetic, to say the least.
  • Realizing it's been so long since I walked Asher to school that I do it wrong. 
Me: "Bye! Have a good day! See you after school!"
...long pause... 
Asher: "Um, did you forget to say 'Do your best?'"
Me: "Am I supposed to say that?"
Asher: "Yep. Daddy always does."
Me: "Ok. Do your best!"
Asher, happily waving me away: "Ok! Now go." 
  • Snow + crappy, broken stroller wheels = no bueno.

Awesome Things Today

  • Waking up all sleepy-eyed to find my shiny, new, SIGNED copy of Brodi Ashton's EVERNEATH on my desk waiting to be read! (Then remembering the absolutely AMAZING release party I attended last night at King's English with my very best friends! Picture coming soon.) I think I need to gush for a minute. Can I just mention how incredible I think Brodi Ashton is? I loved her already (through Twitterstalking), but now that I've seen her speak in person, I might have a little fangirl crush on her hilarious personality. I am now also stalking her blog. 

Cake with the book's cover on it! It was beautiful!
Jenn & Brodi
OMG its me, my 2 best friends, and Brodi Ashton!

 Besides being the cutest little book store on the planet, King's English is unbelievably sweet, they had amazing treats to snack on while we were waiting in line, and it felt amazing to support our very own, local Indie book store! Then, as is tradition for our little group, we got to enjoy The Cheesecake Factory afterward. There's something really great about piling into a tiny, genuine book-loving shop with TONS of other people who are totally psyched about the same book you are. (I'm not going to lie to you, I cracked open the book and read a few pages... I was so quickly enthralled with it that I had to put it down so I could accomplish something today!) Will not read... will not read... till nap time. :) 

  • Watching my Ash skip all the way to his school, singing Jingle Bells as his boots crunch in the snow. He adores school, just like I always knew he would. 
  • The surprising amount of time Max wanted to sit on my lap this morning. All he wanted was to lay his little head down on my chest and hug me. I miss him so much when I work, and apparently the feeling is mutual. (Melt!)
  • I don't have to put makeup on at all today. To say that makes me happy is an unbelievable understatement.
  • This is about last night, not today, but being reminded that I am a writer at heart was pretty awesome. Brodi reminded me that writers love PAIN and REQUIRE a bit of DELUSION in order to continue on their literary path... and that's just exactly what I needed to remember. I need to get out of my head about it and just WRITE. When she spoke about "writers" I felt like she was speaking about me, and lately I've been starting to doubt that. I need to remember Mrs. Bean saying "JUST WRITE. Write every day! It doesn't matter what comes out, just the pen moving on the paper will create something." God, I miss her. 


  1. Whoa wait...
    Did you say cheesecake factory??
    I used to feel so guilty calling in sick too, but I forgot all about it when I had all this time!!
    And no make-up...oh yeah baby :)

  2. Not having a sitter has seriously put a dent in my last few paychecks. I feel ya on that one! Although I won't complain about the extra time at home with my babies while they are still young enough to be home. :)


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