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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stop SOPA internet fast: why I won't be tweeting Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The nutshell version: These new bills proposed could shut down Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia... well, pretty much whatever the gov't doesn't like. I don't speak up on political issues very often, and I don't claim to be an expert on the issue, but I certainly dislike the sound of it.

I don't keep up with the news, as it tends to be a major trigger for my depression/anxiety, but Twitter keeps me pretty well-informed on the big issues. 

Some links I found via Twitter, which will help you understand why I am participating in the Internet Fast tomorrow, January 18, 2012: 

@GOOD : How SOPA Would Hurt Sports Fans
Could SOPA Shut Down Facebook? <-Includes an introduction by Darth Vader
Stop the Wall 
Washington Post article : When you go to Google tomorrow, you'll see this
Reddit: A Technical Examination of SOPA and PROTECT IP
ABC: Wikipedia blackout: SOPA and PIPA explained

(I apologize, I forgot to keep track of the Twitter users who posted these links... I know, epic link fail! I will also be adding to this list of links as I come across them.)


  1. I have seriously lived in a giant bubble...this is the first time I've heard of this. I am extremely appalled.
    Thank you so much for the links. I'm checking them out right now.
    Gah I feel so stupid for not knowing about this.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that! I was thinking it was old news and everybody would be sick of hearing about it by now. So glad I could help! Back to normal programming this evening. :)


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