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Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm sorry to inform you all that I have, in fact, purchased Scrivener for my laptop. What this means to you:

  1. My writing is about to become very awesome. 
  2. I am about to become very difficult to get a hold of. 

In my absence, while I learn all about this program, your assignment is this:

(If you haven't already) Write a piece to add to the book I've written for my nieces. Now that I have Scrivener I have decided to re-work the layout of the entire book, and a few other subjects have come to me that need to be in there, so I'll be writing those to add to what I've already put together. Now I need just a few more quotes, stories, bits of advice from other people to add in there.

The book is a compilation of advice from women who have already been through the experience of being a teenage girl. When it is finished I will have it printed and bound, so I can give my nieces the completed book. My two oldest nieces are already in junior high, and there are seven more younger than that. 

(Think of Chicken Soup for the Soul books as far as format - just a collection of little stories or thoughts.)

Even if all you can think of is a favorite quote or song lyrics that could be inspirational to a 10-15 year old girl, send them to me! ( I would love to include anything you think would be helpful. Make sure to include whether you want to be named in the book or anonymous. I'm looking specifically for someone who can provide a positive outlook, as I've been informed that much of my writing for this particular project has been kind of a downer. (lol Shocking, right?)

Let me know if you want to add anything! Happy writing!

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