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Monday, January 16, 2012

Scrivener is AVAILABLE for WINDOWS?!

You guys.

I need this. I don't think you understand how much I need this.

When I found Scrivener (about a year and a half ago), the only available version was for MacOS. I downloaded the beta version, and I fell in LOVE. No, I fell in lust. I lusted after this program. It's everything my writing needed! The ability to work on several different parts of your manuscript at the same time... a "cork board" to "pin" ideas to, etc., etc!

Photo credit: Literature & Latte

Yes, this is me gushing again.

It felt like it took so long for the Windows version (I don't have a Mac) to materialize that eventually I lost track of the "countdown" and gave up. Somehow I stumbled upon the information that Scrivener is available for Windows now... and I could just cry that I don't have $40 to buy it RIGHT NOW. (Yet another thing I'm impressed with, forty dollars is super affordable!)

The minute I possess $40, I will be purchasing this program. And you'll probably have to listen to me gush again. (Either that or you won't hear from me at all because I'm finally putting together that book that lives on random pieces of paper in my bedroom!)

You guys, I'm so excited!

(Also, look! This blog post was featured in The Archives4TCH Daily!)

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