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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random questions, random answers

I've been unable (or unwilling) to write about my own life lately, which has resulted in (as you may have noticed) not posting at all. So, in a state of "writer's block," I asked my Twitterfriends for some prompts.

I said:

Somebody ask me a question. I'm in need of something to blog about.

I received: 

favorite times in high school (or college) & what it taught you

Whenever I think of high school, I think of sophomore year. Where I grew up, high school starts in tenth grade,  so that was my first year of high school. I had a large group of friends, and I hadn't attached myself to the boyfriend yet, so I had an awesome social life. Tons of friends + school stomps (casual dances) + hundreds of Pixie Sticks + gallons of Mountain Dew = best year ever. (<-- This is how drug- & alcohol-free teenagers entertain themselves, lol) We would spend hours getting ready together, all in the same room, with mounds of glitter (what? It was 2001!) and cans of hair spray.

And yes, we blasted Spice Girls as loud as our speakers could manage. (Shut up.)

The following year I became completely consumed in being in a relationship, practically dropped out of high school, and ended up pregnant the year after that. High school memories are all pulled from that one year. What I learned from this: You only get one chance at being a teenager. I know, I know, cliche. But for real... I couldn't wait to grow up, and I'll never get those times back. I don't actually want those times back, but I wish I'd had more of them while I had the opportunity, because there's plenty of time for grown up stuff later! (Because of the things I just mentioned, I have only attended one semester of college at a community college, no fun memories to draw from there!)

how about when you were 6? When you had no responsibilities and thought the biggest problem in the whole world was no cookies

 When I was six... cookies...

Well, I'll tell ya a little story about cookies.

About a year ago my brother Jon told me a story about our childhood that I'd never heard before. It turns out ever since we were kids he's been feeling super guilty about walking into the kitchen one day and seeing a bag of cookies.

"Mmm, cookies," the thought, and he ate them all.

He was only about six or seven, which would make me about three or four at the time, and when I came into the room I exclaimed, "My cookies!" and cried because they were all gone.

While he was telling me this story, Jon started tearing up.. ok not really, but he seriously has guilt about it.

"I didn't know they were your cookies! They were just cookies!"

ha ha ha every sibling has done this once or twice, but not many hold onto it! It turns out all these years while he's been extremely generous and giving, it's been because he stole my cookies when I was three years old. LOL That's what I love about that guy!

what is something good you've learned about yourself since you became a parent?

I didn't think I could be a parent. Not in the way that I physically couldn't get pregnant or something, but I always thought of myself as the kind of person that shouldn't have kids. I'm an impatient, picky, selfish person, how could I be a parent? Once you're a parent you can never NOT be a parent ever again! Even if your kids grow up and move away, or - God forbid - died, you are still a parent for life. A cooking, cleaning, worrying, working all the time MOM. There was just no way I could do it well, so I was determined not to do it at all.

I guess I wasn't that determined, since I ended up having a baby way before anyone else my age, and willpower isn't very high quality birth control. The best thing I've learned about myself since I became a parent?

I really can do it. I'm capable. I am way stronger than I think I am. Every time I think, "I can't take it another minute," I can. I keep going, and in the words of my son, I am the "best mom in the universe"! So I must be doing something right! :)

Do you have a question for me? What would you like me to write about next? 


  1. I am so happy that you were brave enough to answer these random questions from strangers! What great insight you have, and a fun sense of humor. This is my first trip to your blog, but I'll be back!

  2. Well, we are pretty much awesome friends! What?! Really?! We work together?? Well, sometimes. Ha ha. But pretty much, I love you & how you've accepted me into your life! What is one thing that has changed or that you enjoy now that you are working again?

    1. I get to leave the house (almost) every day! Since Husband and I have always shared one car, not having a job means staying home CONSTANTLY. I feel way better about myself now that I'm out doing things, and even though it's "just" a retail job, I'm super proud of myself. Going back into the workforce scared me half to death, so I feel really good about doing it anyway and doing it well. :) Also, now I know you!

  3. I miss you when you don't blog.

  4. Confession: I still listen to the spice girls.
    I think this is a great idea to get the thoughts spinning into words.
    I love your memories.
    I think all of moms doubt that we can be moms, but ya know what, we are all pretty good at it when we give our babes all the love we have in our hearts.
    That was mushy.
    Like I should throw in a random word like vagina to make this not so mushy.

    1. I've been trying to come up with something meaningful to respond to this comment, but all I can think is that vaginas are kind of mushy.


      lol Thanks for admitting you listen to Spice Girls! I was super embarrassed to publish that part. ;)

  5. Woohoo! High school really was awesome, wasn't it? I wish I had known that at the time. I wouldn't want to go back & do it again, but it's fun to think about :)

    Hindsight & all that..


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