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Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 Review in Pictures

January 2011

Got my laptop! :)

Joshua turns 8!


Me & Max

New Year

Steve turns 25

February 2011
Chubby baby cheeks are gone now! :(


Max's marker-eating stage

March 2011

Joshy & me

St Patrick's Day

April 2011


Summer 2011
Husband & Maxbear


Husband & BFF playing with fireworks
Sleepy kids on 4th of July

Me & my handsome boys!

Signing "water"

Camping with Ava

Terrible Twos

August 2011
First day of Kindergarten

First day is a success!

Mom is a working girl now

Max's last month in a crib... next up, big boy bed!
September 2011

Creepy server calls me "spicy"

Happy Birthday to me!

My mom is Miss America

Asher turns six

Asher asks for a pink cake and LOVES it

Pin the tail on the donkey
October 2011
Asher gets pink eye & looks extra creepy!

Max discovers that Halloween = candy!

Asher gets his teddy

November 2011

Unfortunately I was just having WAY too much fun during Thanksgiving/Christmas to stop for pictures! But you've had enough by now anyway, though, haven't you? :)

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  1. Wow, they are ENORMOUS! And so cute. I think they are starting to look more like you. I can't believe they're so old!


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