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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Things I Learned While Wrapping Gifts Today

Remember how I suck at being Santa? Tonight I wrapped all the gifts ahead of time (for the first year EVER, usually I'm still shopping on Christmas Eve)! Here are some things I learned along the way:
  1. Whichever paper you choose to start with, you cannot use for anyone else! Santa wouldn't have the same paper as you used for your grandmother and co-worker, duh Aubrey! Bad Santa.
  2. Buy more than one kind of gift tag. Same problem as the wrap... Santa doesn't share gift wrapping supplies with you! Your son is almost NINE, Aubrey! He will notice.
  3. Your bed is the worst possible place for wrapping presents. Especially since you haven't straightened out the blankets in a week. FLAT SURFACE, sweetheart. FLAT.
  4. Yes, you HAVE enough boxes to put the gifts in... but once you're finished wrapping and making them beautiful, will they fit somewhere so you can hide them?? Didn't think ahead on this one. Two of the gifts are too large to fit ANYwhere and are destined to be discovered before Christmas arrives.
  5. Separate everyone's stocking stuffers ahead of time into individual bags. <--Learned this tip last year from my sister. Got lots more sleep last Christmas Eve because of it! 
  6. Make a list as you buy the kids' gifts. The fact that you didn't make a list has left you scrambling for one more thing to give one of the kids... in order to even out the loot. Uneven loot = kids feeling ripped off! 
Maybe these will help you?

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