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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why I don't trust my job

I have a job. I don't have a career. I have a job.

And I've only recently acquired this job (July).

As you know, I'm just a fitting room attendant at a discount store that sells basically everything, making minimum wage. I don't get paid the big bucks, I don't have an awesome title or position, and I don't exactly feel respected most of the time.

I'm starting to love my job. At first I liked it, but I was exhausted. I liked it, but I missed my kids. I liked it "but...". Now I actually think I love it. I like it AND I get time away from the kids. I like it AND I get a great discount. I like it AND I get to see all the new merchandise every day. I like it "AND...".

Trouble is, since I've been there, many people have been fired. I've only been with the company for four months now, so you see how this might be concerning? I know places like this have a fairly high turn-over, but it's still surprised me. The other thing that has me concerned is how much I have liked all the people that have been fired. It's basically guaranteed that if I like someone, they will not make it in the company. Not sure it's actually correlated, but I'm noticing a trend here.

I don't know about you, but I'm guessing if we're friends we're similar. I can't stand the suck-up, perfect-for-management type. I have this inability to respect someone who talk themselves up or constantly go around complimenting upper-management. The type that calls you out on all the rules just to point out they know the rules. You know the type.

ANY-WAY, my new favorite person is the assistant manager they brought in to replace the first assist manager we had when we opened the store. I heard rumors that the store manager didn't get along with her, but who knows what the real reasons were. The fact is, my new assistant manager is my favorite person there. She follows all the rules, but she does so with a sense of humor about how the rules generally make no sense. I can respect this. She's nice, but also authoritative. She's professional, but also friendly. She's fun and funny, but also works twice as hard as anyone else in that building. I've been impressed.

So, of course, they're getting rid of her.
The Dwight of my company? Oh, he's staying.
Now there's a sign up at my work: Hiring for seasonal help! Apply online!

Why are we firing good people right and left and then desperately hiring people for Christmas? So you see my concern.

See, I'm not capable of being the Dwight or the Angela of the group.

I don't even have a cat.

Hopefully I'm the Pam. Pam is an eye-roller. Pam has some sense. But she's irreplaceable. Right?



  1. if you're concerned maybe you can talk to who ever is in charge and tell them that you really love your job and want to make sure that you're doing everything you're supposed to. that's not brown nosing... it's just letting them know that you don't want to go anywhere. :)

  2. Pam is so irreplaceable. Yup. Definitely.
    I wonder why they're letting go of so many people around the holidays? Sounds like a case for Nancy what's her face from what's that know the lawyer lady with the big mouth and big opinions on everything...does this make sense? Probably not. My apologies. It's

  3. I just started a new job in retail too. I have to say, I've never been in a better working environment. They HAVE been firing a bunch of people, but it was for LP reasons. I'm only a holiday hire, but hoping to stay on. And I've made that known to just about everyone!

  4. The job I had 2 years ago, a high-paying job at a video game development company where I got free health insurance, free food, and 2 paid weeks off for Christmas (Can you tell I passionately loved that job? :) Best job I've ever had by miles), started feeling just like you describe and then we all suffered through about 6 months of 1/4th the pay we usually should have been getting and we found out that the president of the company was embezzling tax and 401k money from employees.
    I really wish I would have left BEFORE everything went down when I noticed layoffs, firings, people leaving left and right, etc.
    If things get worse where you work and more people are leaving, especially higher ups, I'd find employment elsewhere.


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