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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Giving

I'm thankful that the company I work for closed the stores for Thanksgiving Day, so we (the employees) could spend it with our families.

I'm thankful that somebody, sometime in history decided to make this a holiday. I'm not sure how accurate the stories are about WHY, when or how, but the fact that we have an excuse to get together makes me happy.

I'm thankful we get to be in Utah for Thanksgiving. Although Thanksgiving with Loretta and Richard was wonderful, I will never stop being grateful for family that's close by.

I'm NOT thankful for the mess in my apartment that requires much cleaning before Christmas decorations. I am, however, extremely thankful I have a home.

I'm also thankful for Asher, my little Christmas Spirit. I couldn't be so in the mood for Christmas without his excitement and anticipation! There's nothing quite as magical as a child waiting for Santa Claus, and he's doing a perfect job reminding me this year.

1 comment:

  1. Children do make everything more magical don't they?
    I'm glad that your employer closed doors today. Nothing more suckier than having to work.
    Happy Thanksgiving


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