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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PTSD is not just for soldiers.

I don't know about you, but the first time I heard about PTSD was related to a rape case. I'm pretty sure I was in psychology class, but I can't be absolutely positive. Since then it's been popping up all over the place - people who were molested as children (promise this is the last mention of such things), people who saw a horrific car accident, etc., etc. These things affect people in significant ways, and the mental health community seems to have embraced this fact.

So why is it that Husband continually gets told by military "professionals", "If you were never sent into combat, you can't have PTSD." 

Because they don't want to pay for it, that's why.

I don't get to know much about Husband's experiences in the Army, as he was a member of the Military Intelligence Corps; security and all that. He doesn't get to tell me things. I've caught on to bits and pieces of what he had to do in his training and throughout the course of his time working at Fort Riley, and all I can tell you is it's NOT PRETTY. The things he's seen would be enough to mess ANYBODY up, but the fact that he started out as such a caring, empathetic person certainly intensifies the effects. See, Husband had to research and then brief other (higher-ranking) soldiers about everything going on with the war, so he was witnessing the events without actually being there IN them.

A lot of people still believe this means he couldn't be suffering from PTSD, and I refuse to accept that. The VA refuses to hear him, won't even prescribe him a sleep aid for his insomnia, because he was never technically deployed. I am searching for people (military members and vets especially ) who have been experiencing PTSD symptoms but have NOT been to war. We are never going to win this war against ignorance if we don't do it as one.

Please help me connect to people who are fighting the same fight for the help the Military promised us. They created this mess, and I intend to make them CLEAN IT UP.

Please go to my new friend Murphy's blog to read Inside PTSD, a personal account by an anonymous veteran. It will change the way you see things, in a good way.

My email: breeamiller @

For a list of symptoms, go here: PTSD-symptoms.org


  1. My husband is an ex combat veteran but I think that your husband's issues are very valid and the VA needs to step up and take care of your husband. My dh suffers from insomnia and has taken every sleep Med. Over the counter diphenhidramine 50 mg( unisom) is what helps the most. He takes several( 8) every night before dinner and if lucky gets to bed 5 to 6 hours later. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. I have non-combat related PTSD (and a son named Asher :) Thanks for your post!


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