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Monday, November 7, 2011

Panic attack (or How Overprotective Parents are Born)

I had to call in sick to work this morning. After an unbelievably long, miserable night without sleep - tossing and turning, Max waking up crying, looking at the clock every half an hour - I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, and a massive headache. Max had trouble breathing all night and I'm having flashbacks of last year's strep throat adventure (5 times in 3 months). So I called my unbelievably flexible boss and explained, and I stayed home in bed.

About halfway through the day I remembered that I'd sent a note card to school with Asher to give to his friend. It said, "Asher wants to have a playdate with {schoolfriend}. Give me a call or text so we can plan a time?" Asher was so excited to play with his friend from school, and her mom texted me the next day to make the plan. 

I said, "She can walk home with Asher after school and then you could pick her up an hour or two later if you want." 

Friend's mom said, "How about Asher comes home with {PlayDate Friend} and then we'll just drop him off at home after?"

So I'm thinking, oh, ok, she's worried because she doesn't know us. She just doesn't want to send her daughter to an unfamiliar house. I agree to let Asher go there, and we plan for Monday. 

Today was that Monday. So around three o'clock this afternoon, I force my sniffling self out of bed to clean the house, because if that girl's mom was worried about our house, she certainly doesn't want to find it in this condition when she drops off Asher. I send {PlayDate Friend}'s mom a text and say, "Just let me know when you want to bring Asher home!" She responds with, "We'll bring him home at 4:45." 

A while later, I look at the clock. 

4:00 pm. 

Josh should have been home 20 minutes ago. He should be walking home alone, and he's twenty minutes late! Panic sets in. I pick up the phone and call the PlayDate Mom. Maybe Joshua went with Asher to {PlayDate}'s house? She sends me to voicemail after two rings. 

I throw on a pair of ridiculous shoes without socks, in Husband's pajama pants and a thermal, haven't brushed my hair once today, and head out the door to see if Josh is just around the corner or something. He's a bit distract-able; maybe he's just admiring some random flower or something? 

Halfway to the school (which is actually very close, only about 3 blocks away), right about the time I think I'm dying from a heart attack, I spot three little kids walking toward me. They haven't been stolen!

Oh good god, they aren't alone. There's someone walking with... OMG. 

The kindergarten teacher. The sweet, old lady kindergarten teacher is walking my children home from school. 

I apologize profusely, and Kindergarten Teacher tells me that {PlayDate Friend} always stays after school for an hour or so; she lives about 30 miles away from the school. 

What?? So, not only am I completely mortified that the teacher (who is old enough to be my grandmother) had to walk my kids home, but now I'm COMPLETELY CONFUSED. Why would {PlayDate Mom} say Asher could come home with {PlayDate Friend} if {PlayDate Friend} doesn't even go home?? 

To make things extra awkward, Kindergarten Teacher decides to walk us the rest of the way home. 

I still can't figure out what happened here. When I sent {Play Date Mom} a text that said, "Kindergarten Teacher walked Asher home to my house, so he's not with {PlayDate Friend} anymore," she said, "Oh, ok." like that was totally normal or something! 

What just happened here?? 


  1. What I don't understand is why she wouldn't just tell you up front that her daughter stayed after at school. What was the point of leading you to believe that he would be safe at her home?

    I'd be livid if I were you! And really weirded out!

  2. What. The. Eff?
    That is so weird. Why wouldn't she, in ANY of the texts tell you that they are at school. Talk about awkward moments in parenting. Weird.

  3. That's just weird. Normally things like that would be fully explained in the planning process??? I think your post title was PERFECT!


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